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My "Anxiety" attacks by the perpetrators

If you feel like reading this, then go ahead. Some areas are repetitive, but this is what I go through when my "anxiety" attacks happen. This is what the perpetrators do to me some days. Do you experience this stuff? Let me know.


This is what I go through with my “Anxiety” attacks



So far so good it's all in the hood, so far so good it's all in the hood, what was that noise? Where did theycome from...look out! So far so good it's all in the hood. That'scool. That was a close one, that was a even closer one. Look out! Sofar so good it's all in the hood. What was that noise? Where did theycome from! That's cool. That was a close one, that was even a closerone. That's cool. So far so good it's all in the hood. Like, like,like a high school cowboy...dun dun. Like like like like a highschool cowboy, dun dun. Like like like like a high school cowboy dundun. Like like like like a high school cowboy, dun dun. Like likelike like a High school cowboy, dun dun.


(Then I said shut the fuck up to these other thoughts and this is what happened after wards). Distortedthoughts and then the word, Asshole is said. Ha, ha, ha, ha ha, talesfrom the crypt. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha tales from the crypt.


(You shut the fuck up is what I said to these thoughts and this is what happened). Distorted thoughts. No,you shut the fuck up is said back to me in my mind.


I have the anxious feeling going on as I type this. Like like like like a high school cowboy, dun dun.Pressure in my skull is happening. You're an idiot James (this issaid towards me in my mind). More pressure. Even more fire power.Dun, dun, duuuunnn. Idiot is said towards me in my mind. You're suchan idiot James stupid mother fucker. Fucking pussy. Racing heartstarts and I still have pressure in my skull. Fucking...Fag...loser.Pussy ass bit...Suck a...distorted thoughts. That was a closer one,that was even a closer one. Look out! Pressure increases. Jolt(twitch) on my upper right arm. I have a hard time breathing becauseof the severe pressure in my skull. Jolt (twitch) on my right eye. Ifeel a bit shakey. So far so good it's all in the hood. What was thatnoise? Where did they come from! Look out! And the...naaaaaaaaaaathe.So far so good it's all in the hood. What was that noise? Where didthey come from! Look out! Distorted thoughts. Fucking...come onwhat...ggrr...ido...fag...fucking...err...douche...bag...so far sogood it's all in the hood.


What was...I guess, I guess this is the beginning of the end. Congratulations, you won! So far so good it'sall in the hood. What was that noise? Where did they come from. Lookout! No you're wrong there Jam...So far so good it's all in the hood.What was that noise, where did they come from. Damn it, Jaaaammmeees!That was a closer one, that was even a closer one. Look out!


Your dumb James was said about 4 times while I was typing this part. That was a closer one...distortedthoughts. That's cool. That was a close one, that was even a closerone. Look out!


So, how's your day is said 3 times while I type this part. Pressure is still present in my skull.Forever, trust me. We're on the high way to hell. Twitch on my rightshoulder blade. Where on the, where on, where on, where on, where on,where on, where on, where on, where on, where on, blah blah blah blahblah! What the fuck. That was a close one! That was a closer one!Look out! So far so good, it's all in the hood. Peace out douche bag.Idiot. Fucking faggot. That's not what I said douche bag!


And then I ended the rest of what was being said in my mind on 11/18/2010. So now you know what happenswith my anxiety attacks and what I am going through every time itstarts.


I usually record what's happening to me on my computer. Actually, I have been doing this for quite some time.

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Random Thoughts

The mind and how it works


Certain sounds can cause certain triggers of images to be produced in the mind.


The human mind can be explored in many ways, it just depends on the person and how they want to explore it. Certain sounds can trigger certain thoughts in the mind. Take for
instance the sound of a bell ringing. If one hears a bell ringing,
then the mind produces an image of a bell. The same goes with smells.
Certain smells can cause a trigger in the mind. The mind produces an
image of the smell or tries to produce an image of what the smell is.
If you smell a rose, then your mind will produce a picture of a rose.
When you say don't t think of this or that, then you end up thinking
about it in your mind, but when you say do think of it, you don't
think of it, at least that's how my mind works.


Now take electromagnetic radiation, a silent weapon, and use it on someone's mind. Pointing the weapon directly at their brain and you get horrible results. If one is
happy, energetic, up going, fun, and wanting to take on the whole
world, these weapons can turn that around. You have a weapon that can
affect someone's mind so bad with this radiation, that it turns that
person into a fearful, non energetic, paranoid, depressed, unhappy
person. This silent kind of weapon being used on people can make one
look as if she/he has a mental disease and is in need of treatment.
The hearing of voices, how can one explain that? Truly, is it my own
mind doing this? Is my mind so messed up that I want to speak out of
terms in my own mind and not be able to control it? The research is
that there's an imbalance in the brain cortex and that's why the
hearing of the voices occur, same with bi-polar disease and chronic
depression. Medication and Psychiatry treatment are suppose to help
this area, but does this really work with one's who claim to be
Targeted Individuals? If they seek professional help and nothing is
changing, then what? Are they still considered mentally ill and
crazy? What about the facts they lay out? Why not take that into
consideration? Technology is so advanced, why wouldn't silent
electronic harassment weapons be possible in today's society? What
makes it impossible to exist? Why the use of silent weapons and why
is it being used unwillingly on people in the United States? Test
subjects. To see how they will react to the “attacks” as I call
it. It's an experiment. When you create something, you want to try it
out. So you experiment on objects and things to see how it works. If
it fails or doesn't do exactly as you would expect it to, then you go
back to the drawing board. You tweek it and start over again. If it
works as planned, you eventually upgrade it and keep the
experimentation going to see how the objects react to it til you get
to the point where you are confident you can use it on a wide range
of objects without error. Same with this technology. The people or
shall I say Military and Government body who funds it, are
experimenting with it right now (a guess, but a pretty good guess).
And that's why you have Targeted Individuals. They are seeing how the
people chosen are reacting to it and if they fight back or not or
commit suicide, give up, do as they are told (voices in the
head/orders), etc. No wonder people killed others because they were ordered to do so by the voices in their heads. I have done a lot of research in the past and a
lot of thinking every day to come up with this theory. What's your
opinion on this?

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Manchurian Candidate

What's the whole story behind electronic Mind Control? Is it to just torture someone unnoticed? Oris it used for something else? I am being attacked as I type this andthe attack got me thinking. I remember a television show that talkedabout the Manchurian Candidate and this makes me wonder. Maybe themilitary is using this to create a Manchurian Candidate because thethoughts are very repetitive and consistent with each attack. I'llhave the phrase, so far so good it's all in the hood. What was thatnoise, where did they come from. And so forth, be repeated in my mindover and over, and I believe this is a way to induce fear (also withthe induced heart rate and pressure in the skull). My belief is thatthere is a super computer that records everything the victim does andthen that's saved onto another super computer, which explains why therepetitiveness is there. I keep getting the thought (implanted in mymind) no one's going to believe you James. I wonder why that thoughtkeeps popping in my head? Hmm? The CIA was supposedly done withtrying to create a Manchurian Candidate, but they are liars and arestill up to no good. This was typed a while back but posted on herefor you viewing pleasure. What do you think?

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this is what i forgot about no one mentioned it and where tryIng to fix it. saw the movie the cop used some people were involved in this now thousands may be. they are using this to kill people and destroy others. the people are using fake voices and getting others to attack people. this is what needs to be stopped. see people have been doing this for years. they tryed to run a program it needs a antivirus. some is programming and other parts are people changing voices tryng to kill pople not all are americans. others are hackng people and trying to kill there enemies with the fake voices there attacking there own this is what they started im trying to get it fixed they need programers to fix it all.

some people used hacks it's jigsaw from the movie a cop that was firedput it in chip[s this is how they tricked many people into and trickthem into defending themself the presidant and others will not listed towhat's going on right now they deny my email. this came from a firedcop he is launching a war becouse he got fired im tryng to fix chips andpeople are helping and others are not stoping the attack they lied andtricked people to defend themself. these guys are in a lot of places atonce. they tryed to do this from othes chips. there are DNA chipsinvolved and other things also. this cop started the jigsaw in 2005. forsome reason. they started this thing they were fired one cop could havesetup the other they said they were going to kill people i made lots ofattempts to warn the government and hey never listened. i was notinvolved in 911. but i defended myself. they esclated thigs and used myand my wifes name like others the whole country is fucked up. wheretrying to fix it now. others need to fix chips and get rid of the badprograming. the 911 thing could have been a chip hack. ron paul may notbe involved but hundreds o thousands of people are and it was like themovie saw they used people that hate each oher to set them up. i recallwhat the fired police did just the other day im sending the story toprint. and the USA may have to be fixed or destroyed. this is all i knowabout what's happening. someone got into proples chips and fucked themup my story you can find here and my web page tells a tail of what hadto be done. we are trying to get the involvment of human rights and fixit. no one will respond. this is all peole that had reasons to do thingsto others. they tryed to make others fight back the cop started thisstuff he knew chips. then others got involved and they need to bedeprogramed or the chips need to be destroyed. many are fighting to stopit others keep putting it back in chips. they blame others and somehate others and some know others and there are tryng to use voices inheads to lie about who they are to get others to attack
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After 14 Years, I finally found a Camera!

Hello all, Jill from Arizona here!After 14 years of crimes against humanity, I finally found an itty bitty camera, in my ceiling! (:0))I usually take off my glasses when I go to bed and I'm blind until I put them back on, in the morning. Well, the other night, a friend of mine was supposed to come visit me. So I put my contacts in.... While I was waiting for my friend, I eventually fell asleep. When I awoke in the morning, I of course was still wearing my contacs.Low and behold, right when I opened my eyes, I saw a beam of light coming down from the ceiling! It was whitish/blue. I continued to stare at the location, as I went to grab a screwdriver. I plucking out a small piece from my popcorn ceiling. I examined it at length. It was no larger than the head of a pin and black. Could have been anything if you think about it.Since I've removed it, I haven't seen the light again and my V2K perps have really let me have it, but then again, there are no more comments that demonstrate that they can see me anymore. I believe they can still see me when I look in the mirror (camera from the eyes), but no more can they see me in bed.... what a relief that is.
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