V2K (28)

use spotlight through cb and or terrestrial(tv1)vowels are a letter between breaths so when they are converted into ultratones they pick up on recievers despersing them eveywhere through loudspeaker.you start to think your hearing therefore becoming paranoid,the vowels you think while searching are combined with the emissions already around you which i exsplained above.This when combined projects your thoughts by having your sights connection to what you see range the distance of there broadcast,remember you spell what you see at an astronomical speed which gives you awarness of self being.genraly used remote infrared sign systems recieves on all transmitters.these can be used by design to communicate with the recievers complying.(these become infrared audible sign recievers)the basic speech messages shall then be frequency modulated at 25 khz with a + - 2.5 khz deviation and shall have a infra wavelength from 850 950 nannometers.the recievers now shall produce a 12 decibel signal plus noise to noise ratio with a 1khz tone at again +-2.5 deviation of 25khz sub carrier.95%of what we hear is our own projected thoughts which includes memorys,imagination feelings ect.because we hear voices they are foreign to us,meaning they come across as a threat as we do not know who they are where there from and why me?!just been watching the effects of other victims been tortured by way of ultrasonic.the reason many of you think that there are hidden implants in you is because you are surrounded by ionide,it is within you and aronund you and is attracted to other metals especialy silver(which is how uri gellar bends spoons)it is radio active and halogenic and is also attracted to moisture just like in a plug in air freshner,you then have a nervous reation to this and naturaly rub the reas causing friction which like the air freshner charges the ions attracting it to other metals,as you move it triggers your perpitrators broadcast by having you answer yourself(which is natural because it is in a foreign voice)adding to the torment.the best advice i can give is to lipread forcefully your thoughtsand ask a question and you will discover that your thoughts will be projected and will be exchanged for a foreign voice which in turn will answer your question in the most extraordinary way.keep at it especialy at the worst of times,you will realise that you have a voice and can interact with yourself.you forget also you have your own imagination that will also be exchanged for a foreign voice and will interact with the thoughts you project.i cannot stress enough that the broadcasters use the same process as they too project there thoughts .they use visual alpha light emissions,the reason it is so difficult to prove is because sight triggers there imagination and yours gets stimulated in the worse possible way.it is synthetic telepathy.why us every one keeps askin,the answer is simple.we had a mental illness to begin with just not diagnosed.weve always been able to project our own thoughts using linear sound,"nice weather isnt it"been an example.we have all been under pressure at some time through our journey to actualy hearing them its just that we cant except its not our selfs plus second person grammer which comes from a foreign voice and this is natural,we grow up learning communication in all the right ways to make us who we are.v2k broadcasters know this .the perps are cb users,they meet there perfect match then take it gets taken away for us to hear.i have been no where near hell but has seen it,so there you go without us there will never be any diffrence between me and a genuinely ill person as at the minute no one cares apart fom us.

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hello my names andrew scott i am a victim of v2k transmissions.i have been suffering for six years and have gone through some of the most bizzare exsperiences in my life.perpitrators use spotlight audio and broadcast through c.b radio(which is free to air)they use there vocal which is converted into the ultra sonic range,by also using echo on a microphone it reaches us as a subliminal message which is of lesser volume than linear sound(all sound air ect..)giving us no option but to search for there next echo which is the trigger for us not been able to avoid what they say.(as there broadcast raises linear sound )the reason they claim to know your name is because am i means you and you have a name so you hear your name called.as they realy dont know who you are the rest is built up by your own imagination which is projected also .sight triggers sentences as this is a subconcious reation  you exchange for a concious thought which is projected and exchanged for a unkown vocal which naturaly comes across as threat.so if you hear your name your reaction is ,how do you know my name which because of the threat becomes we know your name.try lipreading your thoughts but force the mime out and you will hear yourself in a foriegn voice which takes some getting used to.they also use infrared images and negative which reaches your subconcious mind as the subconious is black and white this is what they use for triggering also as like i said before sight triggers sentences.if you want to capture an image use your mobile phone on negative and night mode cover the phone in two way mirror film and film(.also use energy efficiant light bulbs while filming)as the infrared light reflects back to the origonal source(phone)the mirror acts as a filter and traps the light,i was lucky because my mobile at the time had a mirror fronted display but the pictures ive took cannot be downloaded on to the internet as the phone was an old one.you have to believe its all about the light.if any of you have ever been given shocks heres why,we all have ionide in our bodys and this is radiactive and halogenic and is atrracted to metals especialy silver metals(its how uri geller bends spoons by taking certain amounts)and is part of our nervous system which reacts with there transmissions and again is triggerd by sight which triggers the voices.the other way is by having something to hide by convincing yourself they will hear it,this causes head tremors.
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listen to me...please!

After six years of studying this phenomenon i have come to a conclusion that is final.i know being a victim that first symptoms are paranoia ,now some of us are under lifes pressures which everbody has but to recive v2k you already need to be ill in some way.normal mentaly ill people already project there own thoughts which is why they hear voices,spotlight audio projects them further.When the perpitrators broadcast(as i now have)the sound automacicaly travels back to the origonal source which means when you speak through spotlight using a microphone it broadcasts silently until someone is ill enough.the perpitrators know that when they speak we have no option but to hear and because the sound reflects back to the origonal source they can(and only them)hear our most likely response to it which when hearing the return could be our answer or theres.they are addicted to it as they talk and hear a reply which could be one of there victims.broadcasted through cb radio by adding an infrared array(cctv camera works fine) it piggybacks on it as infrared travels along visable light (ultraviolet spectrum)this process enables them to do holosonics which is vision made out of sound and is only registerd by your subconious.if you are like me and you lie next to someone every night your probably wondering why they cant hear,this is because when your thoughts are projected they are still your thoughts which will be heard in many tones of voice and give the illusion someone is talking to you,as the person next to you doesnt know what your thinking they will not hear plus they are not already projecting there thought(ill enough)we recieve the last letter of there broadcast because of the echo on there microphone which because  spotlight raises linear sound that gives us no choice but to chase there broadcast.when you start hearing clearer you interact with them (proving that one letter can produce seven flash thoughts)and have conversations with yourself just like they do,you even give the second person gramma your name which again you interact with proving that when you do hear your name(as the broadcasters dont know it)anything after is your own thought projection,whats decieving about it is that instead of I you hear WE which is because you have already interacted with them in some way.to prove we were ill anyway and that this only happens to already ill people,my name is andy now how many andys are there in the uk,they would all hear including my girlfriend but because she already knows it she will use her subconcious to speak it as do all uninfected people.because when perpitrators speak they hear the reply it sometimes comes back as a female voice this is because in some acoustics when the speaker bleeds air this becomes subliminal and this makes some recordings sound female but they dont care as there broadcast spreads so far and wide they presume that one of us will be the answer they hear and odds are it will be.

spotlight -c.b cb fm am tv1 mobile(sonar)back through cb in digital

it works the same way as when you interact with someone normaly and have a conversation,you register what they say through speed of thought which you learnt through life by putting letters of the alphabet together for this very moment,at the same time as listning you are already thinking of a reply and waiting to have your say.sight triggers there sentences as your subconcious is raised and exchanged with second person gramma.example:now if i look at the television or anything else i can project what i see and hear it at a distance in another dialect because there broadcast gives you synthetic telepathy when you understand how it works,i have tried to exsplain in the simplist of terms as i too am under attack which is why i have copyrighted v2s alphatek a company orginisation dedicated in finding recipitants of syntheticaly recieved mental illnesses covering all mental illness diagnosis.broadcasted through digital telecommunication networks by converting speech within the ultrasonic range amplified by linear sound.recieved by all human senses and recieved by copyright owner in way of format above.as i have set myself up with this technology through meeting another victim who lives just 30 miles away(awaiting friend request)with her say so i can communicate with her by using her name which i will only do under her say so.at this moment my neice and girlfriend are watching television with the volume half way up and i can hear nothing,the reason i can hear voices is because when they broadcast it bleeds(leaks subliminals)i have more imformation if anybody is willing to listen and also have videos posted.i am correct because i wouldnt spend 2.500 dollars on something unless id done my homework and having done so proved how it works and why we hear them.andy

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v2s alphatek

A company/orginisation dedicated in finding recipitants of syntheticaly received mental illnesses covering all mental illness diagnosis.broadcasted through digital telecommunication networks by way of converting speech into the ultrasonic range amplified by linear sound,received by all human senses.received by copyright owner in way of format above.

I have made myself part of a format used to correspond with copyright laws.i have a copyright witness registration certificate by the UKCCS.it reads              To verify that the work

                                                                    V2S ALPHATEK

                                                                  Was registerd with the UK copyright service

                                                                  On 27/04/2010

                                                                   And that the copyright owner is listed as

                                                                    ANDREW SCOTT

                                                                    It shall remain on record as evidence of copyright

                                                                    until the registration exspiry date of



So i own and i am v2s alphatek.once all is out in the open people will create companys based on the foundation of our situation, it will be a new form of communication.As the copyright owner is the format used for copyright witness it proves should anybody else copy this process that we are hearing thought alterd projection as is received by copyright owner in the way of format used.



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Random Thoughts

The mind and how it works


Certain sounds can cause certain triggers of images to be produced in the mind.


The human mind can be explored in many ways, it just depends on the person and how they want to explore it. Certain sounds can trigger certain thoughts in the mind. Take for
instance the sound of a bell ringing. If one hears a bell ringing,
then the mind produces an image of a bell. The same goes with smells.
Certain smells can cause a trigger in the mind. The mind produces an
image of the smell or tries to produce an image of what the smell is.
If you smell a rose, then your mind will produce a picture of a rose.
When you say don't t think of this or that, then you end up thinking
about it in your mind, but when you say do think of it, you don't
think of it, at least that's how my mind works.


Now take electromagnetic radiation, a silent weapon, and use it on someone's mind. Pointing the weapon directly at their brain and you get horrible results. If one is
happy, energetic, up going, fun, and wanting to take on the whole
world, these weapons can turn that around. You have a weapon that can
affect someone's mind so bad with this radiation, that it turns that
person into a fearful, non energetic, paranoid, depressed, unhappy
person. This silent kind of weapon being used on people can make one
look as if she/he has a mental disease and is in need of treatment.
The hearing of voices, how can one explain that? Truly, is it my own
mind doing this? Is my mind so messed up that I want to speak out of
terms in my own mind and not be able to control it? The research is
that there's an imbalance in the brain cortex and that's why the
hearing of the voices occur, same with bi-polar disease and chronic
depression. Medication and Psychiatry treatment are suppose to help
this area, but does this really work with one's who claim to be
Targeted Individuals? If they seek professional help and nothing is
changing, then what? Are they still considered mentally ill and
crazy? What about the facts they lay out? Why not take that into
consideration? Technology is so advanced, why wouldn't silent
electronic harassment weapons be possible in today's society? What
makes it impossible to exist? Why the use of silent weapons and why
is it being used unwillingly on people in the United States? Test
subjects. To see how they will react to the “attacks” as I call
it. It's an experiment. When you create something, you want to try it
out. So you experiment on objects and things to see how it works. If
it fails or doesn't do exactly as you would expect it to, then you go
back to the drawing board. You tweek it and start over again. If it
works as planned, you eventually upgrade it and keep the
experimentation going to see how the objects react to it til you get
to the point where you are confident you can use it on a wide range
of objects without error. Same with this technology. The people or
shall I say Military and Government body who funds it, are
experimenting with it right now (a guess, but a pretty good guess).
And that's why you have Targeted Individuals. They are seeing how the
people chosen are reacting to it and if they fight back or not or
commit suicide, give up, do as they are told (voices in the
head/orders), etc. No wonder people killed others because they were ordered to do so by the voices in their heads. I have done a lot of research in the past and a
lot of thinking every day to come up with this theory. What's your
opinion on this?

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I discovered that using ear plugs shut down the outer noises but the one is able to hear the Hum / white noise.

If you don't know what the white noise is, please check this video, the sound from the hair drier.

The noise itself might be smaller when the V2K perps tries to talk to the victim. And the V2K perp voices seems to be heard much clearly from inside of one's body like around the back of one's ear or through the vibration of one's breathing.

Can you hear the white noise while you experience the V2K? I think that's the key of how the V2K perps accessing one's brain EMF.
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私の場合は、日本人V2K加害者の会話では、こういった単語を耳にします。例えば、エル・カミノ病院についての、動画などについては、病院の担当者などが自分たちの不手際などを棚に上げて、事実無根だとでもいいたいかの如く「何の恨みがあるんだ」みたいな態度でいるなどと数人で話し合っているのが聞こえます。恨みと言った単語などは、日本人が「逆恨み」などといった意味で、よく使うと思うのですが、私自身がいつも英語で考えているので、そういった日本独自の感情的な意味合いを聞くと、使わない単語なので新鮮に感じます。「知的障害者枠」の単語も何度か彼らが話しているのを聞きましたが、調べてみて就職などで使われる単語だと後で知りました。「何の恨みがあるんだ」 エル・カミノ病院 about my posting of the nurses' making up the story of my administration to the hospital.「知恵遅れ」「知的障害」「妄想癖」「空想癖」「虚言癖」「認知科学」「知的障害者枠」ちなみに、V2K加害者は10人以上のチームから成り立っているようで、常に2、3人が会話をします。だいたい8時間から12時間の勤務らしくて、翌日に同一人物の声を聞くこともあります。V2Kは、飛行機内でも聞こえて、一人の被害者を対象とする加害者チームの声はどの国に言っても同じ人々の声が聞こえます。たまに日本語の調書のような物を棒読みで喋っている人がいるのですが、その人の場合は、調書を読んだ後にそれについて喋るように指示されているのか、読み上げてから、その調書の内容に沿って会話をしようとします。2008年の6月頃に入社した、「おちょぼ口」氏は、最初は、陰険な物言いをする甲高い声のおばさんの指示に従ってV2Kに加わったのですが、彼の場合は、「はい」「・・・ですね」「・・・をすればいいのですね」などと、やたら営業口調を使う人でした。ですが、V2Kで私に話しかけようとする場合は、やたら口を尖らせて内緒話をするような、少ししわがれた声で話す人です。年齢的には20代前半くらいで、会話で使用する単語も単調なものばかりで、いかにも3流大学の文系か高卒といった感じです。確かにV2Kなどで延々と同じ内容について会話を続けたり、被害者の批判をするには知識は必要ないのでしょうが。英語での思考については、V2K加害者は日本語でしか答えられません。唯一、短い文章、主語と述語だけなど、を英語かドイツ語で送ることは出来るようなのですが、そういった音声送信の場合は、同じ単語の使いまわしか、スラングなどで無教養の人のような喋り方をします。この英語も、ドイツ語も、各一名だけが喋れるみたいで、同じ声色でしか聞こえません。英語の場合は、声高の青年のような声、ドイツ語の場合は音声チェンジャーを使用してやや低い声(重くはない)で喋ります。リモートの催眠術の場合は、たぶん同じチームが被害者や周辺人物の行動制御を行っていると思われます。2010年の2月頃には、被害者の口をスピーカーのようにして、自分たちが音声送信している声をそのまま被害者の口から喋らせることが出来るようにする技術が完成していると思われます。この技術では、被害者の口調とは関係なく、加害者の口調がそのまま発声されます。唯一ある防止策は、口の内部に隙間を作らないように舌を口蓋に押し当てるようにするなり、通常発声をする前のポジションに口の形を留めない事です。この音声送信被害者のスピーカー化は筋肉などの動きのシュミレーションによるものだと思われます。
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After 14 Years, I finally found a Camera!

Hello all, Jill from Arizona here!After 14 years of crimes against humanity, I finally found an itty bitty camera, in my ceiling! (:0))I usually take off my glasses when I go to bed and I'm blind until I put them back on, in the morning. Well, the other night, a friend of mine was supposed to come visit me. So I put my contacts in.... While I was waiting for my friend, I eventually fell asleep. When I awoke in the morning, I of course was still wearing my contacs.Low and behold, right when I opened my eyes, I saw a beam of light coming down from the ceiling! It was whitish/blue. I continued to stare at the location, as I went to grab a screwdriver. I plucking out a small piece from my popcorn ceiling. I examined it at length. It was no larger than the head of a pin and black. Could have been anything if you think about it.Since I've removed it, I haven't seen the light again and my V2K perps have really let me have it, but then again, there are no more comments that demonstrate that they can see me anymore. I believe they can still see me when I look in the mirror (camera from the eyes), but no more can they see me in bed.... what a relief that is.
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