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The European Human Brain Project has built infrastructure which allows researchers from all across Europe to research the brains of their fellow Europeans in real time while those being researched are allowed to go about their everyday lives? I am an unwilling victim of brain and spinal cord research and I have been thus for more than sixteen years. Since early 2003 I have been wirelessly connected from technology inside my brain and body to a network of computers which allows me to be continually monitored and manipulated and communicated with by a team of unknown neuro staff.
Many years ago I became wirelessly linked by a two way stream of energy to the computer network of these unknown neuro scientists. At the beginning, even though the neuro staff could communicate with me on a consistent basis they were unable to manipulate my brain and body to any significant degree. However, now after more than sixteen years of consistent research on both my brain and body as well as my mind patterns they can move my facial and neck muscles against my will. When I move my own facial muscles of my own accord the exact sequence of events that are occurring in my brain and body are tabulated by the neuro staff. The neuro staff then at a later time can repeat the exact sequence of events in order to move said facial muscles against my will whenever they wish. If they continue to work on my brain and body in this manner they will eventually be able to turn me into a biological robot where I would have no free will whatsoever to the extent that they could eventually remote control me like a robot. Further to this, by using a similar method these unknown neuro staff can now make what are commonly known as technologically induced vocalizations occur, which means they can now induce me to say words and whole sentences which do not originate in my own brain. I have no way of stopping them from inducing me to vocalize words and sentences at inopportune moments which do not originate in my brain. Many other unwilling victims of brain and body research are reporting the exact same experiences as these. For further information please read my website which I alone own and control and which is called My name is Gretta Fahey. I live at Newbrook, Claremorris, County Mayo, Republic of Ireland.

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The voices which I constantly hear coming from inside my head asked me just now if I have any long term goals.  I replied that I have no long term goals and that there can be no joy in my life while I am wirelessly tethered to a network of computers and I long for death because there could never be joy in my life again while I remain wirelessly tethered in this manner.
If ever fifth generation millimetre wave transmitters become operational the capability would then exist to wirelessly tether everybody  to computer networks from neural smart dust which has now become imbedded in their brains and spines to the extent that they would then be technologically enslaved like I am now.
Imagine a world where nobody has any long term goals and every body longs for death as soon as possible and everybody refuses to work and refuses to co-operate with the dictates of the world wide dictatorship in the hope that death comes sooner to them if they don't work.  That is where we will be next year if we fail to disassemble and ban microwave and millimetre wave transmitters now.   Act urgently to have them banned.
Please watch the following youtube video link by Sister Keri Burnor.

Sister Keri Burnor’s story reveals the globalist agendas of human trafficking and genocide for all mankind by way of being tethered to AI systems, experiments, torture, etc., wherein the ultimate objective is to network the biological systems of man with a system of artificial intelligence, reducing humanity to a totally controllable status. This is being accomplished through many different programs, operations, and applications that attack mankind’s environment: the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, the products we use, and the information systems we are exposed to.

  I myself believe that state legislators along with the police and psychiatrists have an abundance of neural smart dust lodged in their brains and spines and muscles to the extent that their brains can be preprogrammed to believe that voice hearers are mentally unwell even though that is not true.
That is one of the reasons that I no longer inform the police or psychiatry of my plight. Another reason that I no longer inform them that I am wirelessly tethered to a computer network and I can not break free is because if I even say one sentence to the police I immediately lose all of my legal rights and by speaking to them I am handing them all of my legal power. I believe that the Gardai are being wirelessly remotely influenced because their work places are situated close to telephone masts which contain microwave transmitters and these microwave transmitters transmit messages to the communication devices that the gardai carry on their person and then their communication devices re-transmit these messages directly to their brains. It is difficult for the gardai to over ride this remote influencing technology. There is no way of over riding it . It is deemed to be very powerful. Psychiatrists are under a similar remote influencing system. They appear to be unable to confront the fact that twenty first century scientific and technological advances are being used against the general population and instead accuse any and all of being mentally unwell when they complain of wirelessly enabled electronic harassment which has become widespread in Ireland and throughout the world.

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The dark side of psychology in abuse and interrogation

A new report uncovers the role of US psychologists in torture and criticizes the American Psychological Association for supporting interrogation in the name of national security

guantanamoThe IMAP/OSF report raises disturbing questions about the role of psychologists in cruel and inhumane treatment of prisoners. Photograph: Bob Strong/Reuters

This week the Institute on Medicine as a Profession (IMAP) and the Open Society Foundations (OSF) have published the most comprehensive study on the role of psychologists in the War on Terror. At 269 pages, the full report is as detailed as it is grim, concluding that American psychologists collaborated extensively with the Department of Defense, the Department of Justice, and the CIA to develop a range of interrogation methods used in Afghanistan, Iraq and Guantánamo Bay.

The list of methods is horrifying: beatings, exposure to extreme cold, shackling, repeated slamming into walls, sleep deprivation, sensory deprivation, exposure to prolonged white noise and yelling, forced nakedness, exploitation of phobias, slaps to the face and abdomen, cramped confinement, prolonged stress positions (such as having hands and feet chained to the floor), forced feeding via gastrointestinal tubing, sexual and religious humiliation, forcible restraint of the head, deprivation of basic items such as sheets, blankets and mattresses (termed "comfort items"), threats to the detainee’s family, asphyxiation, and waterboarding

The report documents how psychologists consulted with the military under the Orwellian euphemism of "safety officers". Their official role was to work in Behavioral Science Consultation Teams to "identify vulnerabilities of detainees and collaborate with interrogators in exploiting them". Psychologists were selected for these positions based on professional training in clinical and forensic psychology. Yet while clearly valuing these qualifications, the military classified the psychologists as "combatants" rather than health practitioners, a move which enabled them to bypass normal ethical standards.

Those ethical standards themselves are unclear. The American Psychological Association (APA) – the official professional body for psychologists in the US – officially rejects torture but it also supports the role of psychologists in interrogation: "It is consistent with the APA Ethics Code for psychologists to serve in consultative roles to interrogation and information-gathering processes for national-security related purposes". The APA has yet to indicate which, if any, of the methods listed in the IMAP/OSF report would be consistent with its ethical policy.

The position of the British Psychological Society is even less clear. On the one hand the Society condemns torture yet at the same time remains silent on whether psychologists can assist with interrogation or other military objectives. As with the APA's policy, the point at which interrogation becomes abuse is left unsaid, the boundaries of unethical conduct given room to move.

The report makes a number of concrete recommendations, calling for US president Barack Obama to apply more strict prohibitions on the use of "sleep deprivation, isolation, exploitation of fear, and other interrogation methods that violate international standards". It also urges the APA to clarify its ethical policy and "repudiate the report of its Presidential Task Force…that condones the participation of psychologists in interrogation".

These are undoubtedly vital reforms, but the facts uncovered by this study raise even more fundamental questions. In the quest for national security, is there a genuine balance to be met between the ideologies of "do no harm" and "prevent harm being done"? At what point (if any) is it morally acceptable for psychologists to be deployed as weapons of war? As important as it is for the psychological profession to clarify its policies on these issues, it is also not for psychologists alone to provide the answers. That responsibility is shared by all citizens of a free society.

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Dear Soleilmavis,

Terribly sorry to hear what you have been through.

Enough have been said on the evidence, the ways perps torture us, related books....What we really need is public inquiry into our cases. Class action lawsuits? No. Not now. In addition, whom will class action lawsuits lay charge against? The governments? It is too too.... hard. But, a public inquiry is not too too hard though. Pls watch my video on youtube. In the evidence list, you can find out how Mr. Attorney General of Canada, AI, Redress, Human Rights Watch dealt with torture cases. In addition, you can find some famous lawyers' statements regarding the process of dealing with torture cases. I posted it in here several days ago.

Let's go for a public inquiry.



Robin; or


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Famous lawyers' statements:


With the government refusing to start a public inquiry and the International Criminal Court having launched a “preliminary” investigation into the Afghan detainee issue, law experts say there is a very real chance Canadian officials could be charged with war crimes.

“International law is very clear,” said Mr. Dosanjh, a lawyer and former attorney general of British Columbia. “You need circumstantial evidence; you don’t need actual knowledge of any specific allegations, or actual knowledge of torture. There was substantial knowledge of torture in Afghan jails. Every kid on the ground knew that. All of the reports, national or international, knew that.”

University of Ottawa law professor Errol Mendes says Mr. Dosanjh was correct. The government’s oft-repeated line that there was no documented physical evidence of torture of Canadian-transferred detainees is a “detour,” he said, which ignores the actual requirements of the law: circumstantial evidence that a risk of torture existed.


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