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If a subject of remote wireless experimentation drinks ozonated water or does anything to generate extra oxygen inside the human body such as cycling a bicycle, their energy field becomes more visible to the wireless experimentation personnel. They can then see from their advanced equipment what micro technology is inside the human body and where it is located. It makes it very easy for any wireless experimentation personnel who has access to these images to further the control mechanism that they are attempting to establish inside each and every one of us.
Do not drink ozonated water or oxygenate yourself by doing vigorous exercise before sitting in front of a digital media screen because you become more visible to them and thereby you endanger yourself.   However, oxygen has been said to deplete the levels of technology which are to be found inside the human body.

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I have become non-consensually, wirelessly connected to a remote neural monitoring in combination with a remote neural manipulation program, by a two way link. I non-consensually hear the voices of the neuro staff who manage and control the computerized remote neural monitoring in combination with remote neural manipulation control system which is also known as the internet-of-things or the cerebral internet-of-things. These voices are heard my me coming from inside my head. Just a moment ago at 18.38 approximately on the 23rd June, 2019, Irish time, I heard the voice of one of the neuro staff tell another member of the neuro staff that their role is to observe and guide whenever they are observing me. I am now officially asking who exactly decided that I needed to be observed on a continual basis as well as guided on a continual basis for the past more than sixteen years? I am also now officially asking why I needed to be observed and guided on a continual basis for the past more than sixteen years? I am also now officially asking who exactly throughout the entire world has been given the authority to authorize other individuals to both observe and guide me for more than sixteen years totally against my will and without my permission? I am equal to every other human being in this world so take that into consideration when answering these three questions. My name is and always has been Gretta Fahey. I reside at Newbrook, Claremorris, County Mayo, F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland. My landline home phone number is 0949360901. My website which I alone own and control and where I detail many of my experiences over the past more than sixteen years is called ; I never have and I never would in the future accept money for anything I write in my efforts to expose this human control and enslavement system which is known as the internet-of-things which I am wirelessly tethered to.   I have never met and I never wish to meet any of the individuals who place their voices inside my head or indeed any of the individuals who own or  control or  who work in this aforementioned human control and enslavement system. I have no wish to ever meet any of them.

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I am being subjected to classified  mind invasive invisible weapons.  United States diplomats have complained of being targeted with invisible weapons while working in China and Cuba.   How do you report being targeted by invisible weapons to your community in order to warn them of this ?   How do you prove to your community  that you are being targeted by invisible weapons?   If you know the answer please let me know.  

I am non-consensually  wirelessly linked from implants in my brain and body to a computer network by a two way link.  This two way link allows the computer and neuro operatives to speak to me against my will and without my permission.   I am being forced to listen to them throughout each day as I go about my everyday life.   I hear their voices coming from inside my head due implantation with a neuro communication device.   I have heard that a neuro communication device known as a brain radio exists and is being used against some targeted individuals.   However, I don't know what type of chip I have been implanted with.    I keep a daily blog of  where I write what these unknown neuro operatives say to me on an ongoing basis.  Here are some of what the neuro operatives have said in the past twenty four hours,  all of which I have heard coming from inside my head.

"No one was expecting this level of extreme interference in this woman's life."     This was followed by   "If you quote my name I will be endangered."    (I did not know the name of the speaker.)

"If I had my way I would fuckin shoot her."

"Langly Air Force Base have almost total involvement with the processing of the data pertaining to Gretta Fahey.  Norbrook have almost no involvement.   (My name is Gretta Fahey.)

"There is a secondary system in place that has done something extremely evil to the woman, Gretta Fahey.  Her whole face is under our control."

"The program softened her cough for her a bit I suppose."

"You are doing your own loading and unloading.  This is not allowed.  We require a trained expert to carry out all processes which have been deemed to be a danger to human health and safety."   (I was using a wheel barrow at the time I heard this verbiage coming from inside my head.)

" We are now aware that the Irish secret police know what has been happening to you over sixteen years and they have done nothing to alleviate your suffering through fear of their lives and that of their families.   Leo Varadkar knows nothing of this."

"Putting a stop to this woman's harassment is not achievable.  She is locked into the system as tightly as anyone could be locked in. "

"We have developed a way of stopping the majority of human beings of thinking for themselves and of manipulating them to only think in prescribed ways."

"Pull out all the stops.   I need to qualify this woman Gretta Fahey as being insane."

"We wont block the letter.  We will suitably delay it.   (This was in response to the fact that I posted a letter to friend  by ordinary mail, informing her that I have been non-consensually  inplanted and I am wirelessly linked to a computer network from the   implant. )

"We can and we are monitoring the inner dialogue of Irish senior politicians."

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Violent denial of the existence and abuse of directed energy weapons and internal voice generating technology will not make them go away.  

The dark new world order crime cartel are using neuro weapons and/or other directed energy weapons to subliminally hypnotise teenage body to carry out school shootings in order to bring about gun control which would then cause the ownership of said guns to be transferred from responsible private hands into the hands of criminal agents of the dark new world order crime cartel so that they could then enslave us more easily.

We have all been inhaling and ingesting metallic particulates.  When metal is placed inside a microwave oven it burns brightly.  Microwave transmitters are now being used to burn good living individuals while these good living individuals are inside their own homes.  This process has been enabled because we all have minute particles of metal inside our brains and bodies.  These victims are wrongly being sent for mental assessment.

We must urgently disassemble, destroy and ban microwave transmitters before we all become enslaved.

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Brief Synopsis of the dangers of  Remote Neural Monitoring.

Human beings throughout most of the world have been unknowingly inhaling and ingesting nano technology for many years owing to the fact that nano technology is being sprayed on us by a process known as chemtrail spraying of the skies over our heads.   At this stage these nano particulates have become lodged inside our brains and bodies.  This illegal process has been carried  out in order to facilitate future enslavement of the human race by some of our fellow human beings who are dark occultists.

When enough nano particulates become lodged inside our bodies and brains the brains of a selection of individuals who are now known as targeted individuals  are then  wirelessly tuned by remote means by unknown criminal neuro operatives   to become  receivers and transmitters of digital signals.    These targeted individuals are then wirelessly linked for life by a two way continuous stream of low frequency electromagnetic waves to a network of super-computers where all of the electromagnetic signals of their bodies and brains are analysed on a continual basis for the rest of their lives.  Criminal neuro operatives manipulate the visual cortex, the auditory cortex, the motor cortex and the sensory cortex of the targeted individual at will in order to inject sound, voices, visions, memory manipulation, involuntary muscle movement and pain signals to the targeted individual in order to attempt to subjugate the targeted individual into accepting the status of a neuro slave.  After many years of injecting false information into the motor cortex of the targeted individual, the targeted individual can be wirelessly  paralysed or in extreme cases even bio-robotized  by these criminal neuro operatives.   Some of the stories that are being used to cover this wirelessly conducted crime are the poltergeist activity hoax, the demonic possession hoax, the religious apparition hoax, the existence of interdemensional beings hoax, the channelling of information from God hoax,  and many other hoaxes.    

Psychiatrists, general medical practitioners, the police, lawyers and politicians are refusing to confront the widespread existence of Remote Neural Monitoring and how it is being used to abuse and torture human beings throughout most of the world.  Many of them may be electronically mind controlled to such an extent that they are unable and unwilling to confront the issue at all.  Whenever targeted individuals of Remote Neural Monitoring and Remote Neural Manipulation try to raise awareness of this extremely serious topic attempts are made to immediately send them for forced psychiatric evaluation followed by forced  incarceration in a mental health facility, which is followed by forced medication by toxic substances, all of which is backed up by the violence of the state.  This is still state police.  How long will this situation continue.  Many individuals are suffering horrific injuries and remote body manipulations from this crime. 

Luckily, there is a simple solution to all of the above. The human race will disassemble and destroy all microwave transmitters, 5G millimetre wave transmitters and related paraphernalia. The existence of satellites and space based weapons is an elaborate and easily proveable hoax along with a multitude of other hoaxes.

The existence of satellites lie was invented in order to make NASA appear invincible.

If satellites really existed all of our satellite dishes would be pointing straight up to the sky in order to receive and transmit signals. However, our satellite dishes are pointing sideways in order to receive signals from microwave transmitters and these signals that said microwave transmitters are transmitting are being relayed from undersea fibre optic cables.

Further to that, so -called satellite navigation data is being obtained from triangulation of signals which are being transmitted from cell phone towers which are also known as phone masts.

Under sea fibre optic cables are responsible for transmitting all internet and other data across the world. Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and Apple are all building and laying their own under sea fibre optic cables in order to transmit their own computer data across the world as per the enclosed video link.

Air and space can not co-exist side by side. The vacuum of space would suck the air from the atmosphere leaving us with no air to breathe. We can easily save ourselves from being permanently wirelessly tethered to a super-computer which is what happens to victims of Remote Neural Monitoring simply by outlawing all microwave and millimetre wave transmitters and returning to life without cell phones.

As well as the above hoaxes , many other hoaxes have been created to instill fear and confusion in the human race down through the centuries by the cabal of criminal super-rich who are sometimes know by a number of other names including the self-proclaimed elite.

These hoaxes were created by the self-proclaimed elite by the use of science and technology and many forms of trickery for example, the expedient use of magic lanterns, hollywood makeup, film sets, holograms and brain weapons combined with constant repitition in the media in order to engrain these hoaxes in the minds of humanity. In some instances they back date their hoaxes to make it appear that these occurrences were happening in the distant past. The CIA, by the use of brain warfare, are now using personal data profiles to create individualized religious experiences which they can download into the brain of an illegally implanted human being by wireless means. . They have also used nano technology it in the past to create the moving statue hoax. These dark occultists use streams of energy to move furniture about when hoaxing poltergeist situations.

The super-rich  would-be enslavers of the human race are ultimately afraid of online information because it lacks a central focus to control. Therefore they attempt to drown out the truth by flooding the internet with misinformation, hence another reason for the many and varied online hoaxes.

Some of the other online hoaxes that have been created by the would-be enslavers of the human race are as follows:-

The past life regression hoax,  the sixth sense hoax, the end times hoax, the saviour hoax, the rapture hoax, the extra-terresterial hoax, the space travel hoax,  the artificial intelligence has now become sentient hoax, the existence of satellites hoax, and the existence of space based weapons hoax, the earth is ball shaped hoax.

Please raise awareness of the urgent need to destroy and outlaw  microwave transmitters and related paraphernalia all over the world now.


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Violation of Federal US Law. TITLE 18 > PART I > CHAPTER 113B > § 2332h

§ 2332h. Radiological dispersal devices
(3) Special circumstances.— If the death of another results... from a person’s violation of subsect...ion (a), the person shall be fined not more than $2,000,000 and punished by imprisonment for life 21550_103345603021149_100000371299469_78129_1486819_n.jpg Weapons of Mass Destruction- Non Lethal Weapons, Mind Control Weapons, or psychotronic weapons has been listed as weapons of Mass Destruction by UNIDIR-UN

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#1109 Wake Up To Your Life More CIA Logs Via FOIA

The list of CIA logs below show me MKultra is very much in operation. Experiments, mind Control, Behavior Modification, Torture, Assassination, Electronic Surveillance, Microchips Nanno Mind Reading/ Control Implants, Quantum Computing(Q-Tel), Neurolinguistic Programming for Subvocal Speech recognition, radiation Experiments, Cybernetics, Star Gate, Multiple-Personality Scheme,   Relationship Between CIA & Entertainment Industry, Use of Devices Surigally Implanted into Body of Any Person in US, CIA Funding of Mind Control Projects in U.S. Hospitals & Institutions, Mind Reading/Control Implants; Current Policy on Torture & Murder of U.S. Citizens, CIA Mori ID 140394 (Interview W/Hypnosis), Recourse A U.S. Citizen Can Take if The CIA Committs a Crime Against Them, and more,  A Study Of Assassination, Remote Viewing and Psychological Re-Programming, Electronic Surveillance By The NSA,  SQUID (Superconducting Quantum Interference Device), Remote Sensing Imagery, Attend the next Bioethics Commission meeting! This is your chance to go on record.
  For DR. Matha Farah who spoke at the Commission: 
pg26(2) 6-30-2005 F-2006-01243  Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, EEG, Infrared Spectroscopy oOr Measurement Tech To Assist In Or Support Interrogation

                                                                                      Peter Rosenholm


pg2 10-5-2006 F-2007-0004 CD SET OF MKULTRA &BLUEBIRD? ARTICHOKE

pg3 10-12-2006 F2007-00075 MKULTRA, BLUEBIRD,ARTICHOKE,SLEEP


pg3 10-13-2006 F2007-00092 1973 CIA IG REPORT,693 PAGE STUDY,






pg9 11-30-2006 F-2007-00369 LYME DISEASE

pg9 12-1-2006 F-2007-00383 MKULTRA

pg10 12-1-2006 F-2007-00391 MKULTRA & BLUEBIRD/ARTICHOKE RECORDS


pg13 1-5-2007 F-2007-00530 NOWTHATSFUCKEDUP.COM




pg15 1-26-2007 F-2007-00691 MIND CONTROL USED ON US CITIZENS “HERE”


pg41 9-8-2005 F-2005-01940  Quantum Computing(Q-Tel), Neurolinguistic Programming and remote Viewing

pg39 8-25-2005 F-2005-01875  Intell on Cybernetics in the USSR:Chronology of events (1957-64), John J. Ford, CIA Office of Scientific Intelligence, Life Sciences Division, 3/9/65

pg39 8-25-2005 F-2005-01872  Projects MK Delta and MK Ultra

pg37 8-12-2005 F-2005-01806  Stargate Collection

pg35 7-27-2005 F-2005-01711 Project Monarch, MK-ultra and the use of Monarch Victims

pg31 6-20-2005 F-2005-01492  Human Radiation Experiments on Arthor S. Gminski

pg31 6-30-2005 F-2005-01507 Addresses, Phone Numbers and Locations of US Gov't Agency-s that pay rewards for Info Re: Espionage, Treason, Murder, Etc.

pg28 6-7-2005 F-2005-01368  Wallace E. Johnson, The Wallace & Alma E. Johnson Foundation, Walace-E.B. McCool Foundation, Medicenters of America Inc, Dr. Ronald J.Hauser, & Dr. Mendoza in Relation to MKultra/Mind Control Projects

pg26 5-19-2005 F-2005-01289  Use of Devices Surigally Implanted into Body of Any Person in US., & Researchs Involved.

pg25 5-12-2005 F-2005-01258  CIA Funding of Mind Control Projects in U.S. Hospitals & Institutions in Houston , Dallas, & Austin Texas from 1960-1979

pg25 5-4-2005 F-2005-01236  Info. on Self Before Becoming a US Citizen and Records That Pertain to CIA MK-ultra.

pg19 3-17-2005 F-2005-00903 Identity of Any Persons Who Are Part of MKultra or Mind Controlled Scheme

pg18 3-11-2005 F-2005-00887 Mind Reading/Control Implants; Current Policy on Torture & Murder of U.S. Citizens

pg 3-3-2005 F-2005-00847  1950's Operation Called Occultizm in High Places (OHP)

pg16 2-24-2005 F-2005-00805  Improper Influence of Substances Placed ON/IN Marva Sierzega & Anne Holder & Any Electronic Surveillance or Implants ON/IN Requester

pg16 2-23-2005 F-2005-00794  Nanno Mind Reading/ Control Implants; U.S. Sponsored Murder/Assasinations;CIA Involvement W/CHILD Theft

pg16 2-18-2005 F-2005-00786  Multiple-Personality Scheme the Sequence of the Personalities Developed Reactive to MKultra & Similar Programs

pg15 2-18-2005 F-2005-00785 Various Requests on Brain Washing & Hypnotic Mind Control & Devices Used. Phoenix Project, Motorola Satilites and Radios

pg15  2-16-2005 F-2005-00762  3 Vol. CD set of MKultra & Bluebird/Artichoke Records & Shareware Viewer

pg12 1-28-2005 F-2005-00632  Connections Between CIA & Contras in Cocain Trafficking to U.S.

pg12 1-28-2005 F-2005-00628  Relationship Between CIA & Entertainment Industry From 1947 To Present

pg11 1-26-2005 F-2005-00605  Recourse A U.S. Citizen Can Take if The CIA Committs a Crime Against Them

pg9 1-4-2005 F-2005-00512  Changes Made To FOIA and Privacy Acts since 9/11/2001

pg9 1-28-2005 F-2005-00498  Capture/Torture Of Unregistered, CIA, Or "GHOST DETAINEES After 9/11/2001

pg9 12-29-2005 F-2004-00491 Documentation On Name, Chemical Properties, & Manufacturer Of CIA Developed Suicide Pill

pg9 12-28-2004 F-2004-00485  e Requests Pertaining to Mind Control, Telepathy, Psych Manipulation

pg8 12-8-2004 F-2004-00398  The Philadelphia Experiment Done In VA. On 8/12/1943 By U.S. Military (NAVY)

pg6 11-30-2004 F-2004--00317  Publication From 2/20/1966 Titled "Magic And How To Recognize It"

pg6 11-30-2004 f-2004-00316  CIA Mori ID 140394 (Interview W/Hypnosis)

pg4 11-5-2004 F-2004-00193   Set Of 14 CD's Containing the Star Gate Collection

pg4 11-5-2004 F-2004-00191   Allegations That Eugene Dinkins Had Knowledge Of President Kennedy Assasination Serveral Weeks Befor It Happened

pg5 11-17-2004 F-2004-00256  Remote Viewing and Psychological Re-Programming

pg1 10-14-2004 F-2004 00077  Dr. Josef Mengele From 1945-Feb 1979

pg1 10-14-2004 F-2004-0075 A Study Of Assassination Released In May 1997

pg3(2) 10-24-2005 F-2005-00089  Access Industries, Inc

pg3(2) 10-24-2005 F-2005-0090 Aurora Project

pg10(2) 12-30-2005 F-2005-00375 NSA's Special Collection Program

pg10(2) 1-4-2006 F-2006-00386 Isreal As A Military Asset Or Mercinary State Or Means For The US To Expand It's Influence In The Middle East After 1948 & 1967 Wars.

pg10(2) 1-5-2006 F-2006-00398  Electronic Surveillance By The NSA

pg10(2) 1-10-2006 F-2006-00417  Info On The CIA's Office Of Scientific Investigation

pg9(2) 12-14-2005 F-2005-00332  MKultra and Bluebird/Artichoke, and Pandora

pg11(2) 1-11-2006 F-2006-00426  MKultra

pg11(2)  1-11-2006 F-2006-00434  Phone Phreaks And Blue Boxes

pg11(2) 1-11-2006 F-2006-00433  All Domestic Individuals Holding Assets Exceeding 10 Million US Dollars

pg11(2) 1-11-2006 F-2006-00435  MKultra Subprojects

pg11(2) 1-11-2006  F-2006-00436  An Operation Run To Infiltrate And Obtain Info On Scientology

pg11(2) 1-16-2006 F-2006-00488 Star Gate

pg11(2) 1-19-2006 F-2006-00517 CIA's Domestic Collection Division

pg11(2) 1-23-2006 F-2006-00520  Information On experiments Funded By The CIA During The Cold War

pg12(2)  1-24-2006 F-2006-00540  MKultra

pg12(2)  1-24-2006 F-2006-00542  CIA Sponsored Dream Study Programs 1195-2005

pg12(2)  1-24-2006 F-2006-00545  Electronic Surveillance (NSA)

pg12(2) 2-1-2006 F-2006-00568  Warrantless Elec. Surveillance or Physical Searches of Any Person In the US From 9/11/01 That Reference A Requesting Party (NSA)

pg13(2) 2-6-2006 F-2006-00586  Micro-Lithium Strobelight

pg13(2) 2-10-2006 F-2006-00620 Records From The Directed Energy Pilot Collection Program Through 1989

pg 15(2) 2-28-2006 F-2006-00682  The final Technical Report Of United Technologies Research Center Entitled "Bulk Acocustic Wave Devises (BAWD)." Sept 1982

pg16(2) 2-28-2006 F-2006-00684 FOIA And Privacy Act Laws

pg16(2) 2-28-2006 F-2006-00685  Kubark Ommunist Interogation & Indoctrination of "Enemies Of The State" A Report For Technical Services Division, 1956 (Kubark, Kusoda, Kupalm)

pg16(2) 3-14-2006 f-2006-00731 A Mail Intercept/Opening Program Conducted By The CIA In New Orleans in the 1950's

pg16(2) 2-28-2006 F-2006-00687  MKultra And Behavioral Research

pg17(2) 3-14-2006 F-2006-00745  SQUID (Superconducting Quantum Interference Device)

pg22(2) 4-26-2006 F-2006-00963  MKultra And Bluebird/Artichoke Records

pg22(2) 5-3-2006 F-2006-00996  The Human Resouce Exploitation Training Manual

pg22(2) 5-3-2006 F-2006-01004  MK-Ultra - Type Techniques For Brain Probing And Behavior/Brain Control

pg22(2) 5-3-2006 F-2006-01014  Ghost Detainee Memoranda

pg19(2) 4-4-2006 F-2006-00837  Memo And Testimony By Richard Ober To The Rockefller Commission, The Church Committee and the Pike Committee

pg19(2) 4-4-2006 F-2006-00838  All Memoranda And Testimony By John Furfey, Using The Alias Charles Marcules To The Rockefaller Commission

pg20(2) 4-7-2006 F-2006-00874  Remote Sensing Imagery

pg20(2) 4-12-2006 F-2006-00880  Pres Orders Authorizing NSA To Engage In Warrentless Electronic Surveillance Or Warrentless PHY Search in US 9-11-2001


pg23(2) 5-10-2006 F-2006-01035  Directed energy Weapons Or Devises

pg23(2) 5-16-2006 F-2006-01047  Operation Eagle Claw And Project MK-Naomi

pg23(2) 5-23-2006 F-2006-01062  Info/List of Contractors/Affiliations Researching And/Or Testing Weapons/Directed Energy Devices, Greene Cnty, Tennessee

pg23(2) 5-24-2006 F-2006-01078  Microwave Energy

pg26(2) 6-30-2005 F-2006-01243  Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging, EEG, Infrared Spectroscopy oOr Measurement Tech To Assist In Or Support Interrrogation

pg27(2) 7-6-2006 F-2006-01275  Dr. Francis Sooy, Joseph Hamilton, CIA Relations with UCLA, CIA Manual On Assasinations, Human resouce Exploitation Training Manual, Psychological Tactics Manual, Formosa And Other Subjects

pg27(2) 7-13-2006 F-2006-01305  MKultra, Bluebird, MK Delta & Dr. Sidney Gottlieb

pg28(2) 7-19-2006 F-2006-01321  Physiological Mechanisms, Analysis And Behaviorial Significance Of The Electrodermal Response - Final Report

pg29(2) 8-4-2006 F-2006 01417 Remote Control Of Behavior With Rewarding Electrical Stimulation Of  The Brain; Final report

pg29(2) 8-2-2006 F-2006-01366  MKultra Documents

pg29(2) 8-1-2006 F-2006-01352 Espionage Satiellites

pg29(2) 8-1-2006 F-2006-01351  Weekly Surveyor Article, Life Sciences And Cybernetics And The Health Of World Leadres, YRS. 1965-1971

pg29(2) 8-1-2006 F-2006-01345  Covert Surveillance or Involuntary Participation In Experimental Mind Control or Drug Programs, 1969 Thru 1972

pg 29(2) 8-1-2006 F-2006-01344  Interogation Techniques (Stress and Duess)

pg30(2)  8-8-2006 F-2006-01439  MKultra For Dates Of 2005 Thru July 2006 & Alien Abduction For Same Time Period

pg30(2) 8-8-2006 F-2006-01441 CIA Operated Aircraft

pg30(2) 8-8-2006 F-2006-01442  MKultra & bluebird/ Artichoke Records

pg30(2) 8-10-2006 F-2006--1518 De-Classified Info 1969 Project MK-Naomi

pg30(2) 8-11-2006 F-2006-01527  5 KHZ Analog Brain Wave
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