SKULL (121)

If you are being wirelessly violated inside your own home by unknown criminals who are using wireless directed energy weapons and neurological weapons to remotely violate both your brain and body and who also may be using voice transmission technology to force you to listen to them against your will and without your permission you should say the following words to them in order to raise awareness among their colleagues as to what they are doing while they are posing as doing some other type of computer work as follows:-
'Stop wirelessly violating me via your computer keyboard , you unknown sadistic wireless weapon user.'
I know that this will alert unknowing  colleagues of the perpetrators to what they are illegally doing while claiming to perform legitimate activities in any and every workplace throughout most countries in the world now.

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Todays date is 2nd November, 2020 and my name is Gretta Fahey. I live at Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland.

Microwave signals control the human mind at a distance. These signals consist of microwave carrier waves with ELF modulation and with audio encoded messages.
The audio messages are modulated into the microwave carrier via frequency modulation.
Emotional signatures are modulated into the microwave carrier via frequency modulation.
Frequency modulation is the encoding of information in a carrier wave by varying the instantaneous frequency of the wave. During microwave communication frequency modulation is widely used.
The ELF brain entrainmnet signals are amplitude modulated.
There is a carrier frequency embedded in the electromagnetic radiation which is coming from the supercomputer which is being used by the neuro criminal researchers to my brain and this carrier frequency is directly compatable with the EEG fingerprint of my brain.
I am being non-consensually subjected to unwanted microwave communication where I am being forced to hear voices coming from inisde my own head on an almost continual basis and this is occurring against my will and without my permission. I sometimes post on my website some of what those voices which I hear coming from inside my head say both to me and about me at random times. Here is a small sample of some of what I heard them say in the past few days:-

"We have invested a considerable amount of time and administration costs in Fahey."
"How do we get into her life." "We dont get into her life."
"Charge her with something and then we can say we are legitimate."
"Charge her with what." "Nothing. We havent got anything on her."
"Is she one of us." "No." "She can say what she likes so."
"Why is she tailored to fit something if she is not one of us."

"She will be one of us by then." "You can't force her to be one of us. It is against protocol."
"You are going to be court marshalled because the client heard it and she wrote it down."
"She is not a client."
"They are keeping up the Stocktons Wing. " (The v2k voices often mention the phrase 'Stocktons Wing.')
"The lady has put her digital media equipment into a faraday bag and refuses to take it out so we can't access her any longer."
"Why is she in a state of cognitive liberty."
"Are you cleaning yourself."
"She needs to be in secure surroundings."

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Shared with Public
By analysing the temporal lobes of the human brain using electromagnetic radiation scientists can identify unique EEG patterns and relate them to the individual words, thoughts, body movements and emotions of the human research subject. In 1972 Dr Lawrence Pinneo of the Stanford Research Institute created an EEG dictionary of each unique EEG pattern and its related unique thought or unique word. That EEG dictionary can now be used to translate your unique EEG patterns into the thoughts that you think and the words that you say. Now, whenever you are in the presence of electromagnetic radiation, specificially extremely low frequency waves your thoughts and words can be monitored without your awareness and can then be transmitted by your digital device to a computerized storage capability so that the intelligence services can know what you are thinking and speaking at all times when your smart phone is on your person or when you are in front of your computer screen. For this and still further information about this topic please read a book called ‘Guinea Pigs’ by Dr John Hall.
I am a non-consenting research subject of neurological research and the scientists and operatives who monitor and manipulate my brain and body speak to me on a live link to the extent that I have absolutely no mental privacy and herebelow is a small sample of some of what they have been saying to me recently as follows:
“Do you have to touch your leg like that” That was said at 8.50 p.m. Irish time on 5th August, 2020.
” Have we any control over this woman’s bowel and bladder which would allow us to cause problems for her when she is out and about in town.?”
“No, because this woman does not eat the type of food that contains the particulates which would allow us to wirelessly control her bower other than what has become embedded in her alimentary canal and this situation is not adequate for that to occur.”
“We might have to get her to commit suicide.”
“I am going to manipulate a bowel movement.” (They have never done this to me.)
“Go to the bathroom.”
“Hurry on and take a shower because we want to show case you.”
“What time does she get up at.”
“Get on with your job of deficating so I can do an analysis.” This was then followed by another voice which was heard by me to say the following “This is not acceptable discourse.”
“You will have to go out there and install something in her home.” “This is illegal under our rules.” “We dont have any rules.”
“We dont expect any discipline from ourselves and yet we order the subjects to adopt extreme self discipline every day.”
“She is on hyper alert. Why is that?” “I dont require her to have any more sleep.”
“You wont select your own clothes in the future. We will do so.”
“Everything is public knowledge now.”
My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland, and todays date is 6th August, 2020.
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A Voice to skull human speaker has informed me this morning that I will have my bowel forceably removed by theml because of a bowel malfunction which  I suffer from due to extreme stress which mainly comes from them and their direct interference into the workings of my brain and central nervous system and into all aspects of my personal life while I am in the privacy of my own privately own home and they inflict this extreme and constant stress on me by continually forcing me to listen to their voices which I non-consensually hear coming from inside my own head and by forceably moving my own muscles against my will which they are enabled to do not by use of the scientific capabilities which are outlined in patent number US 6965816.  My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland and my landline home phone number is 0949360901.

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Most of the militaries as well as some of the police forces of the world now use voice to skull technology on a continual day to day basis in their everyday work. Voice to skull is sometimes known as microwave hearing or synthetic telepathy and it is a method of communicating voices inside the heads of members of the military and police forces of the world to ensure that no member of the public has access to the messages transmitted and for other reasons including black project research. There are now numerous methods of direct communication including but not limited to direct brain to brain communication. Secret methods of direct communication has been in use under the guise of secrecy for more than seventy years.
Because secret methods of direct communication which I will call voice to skull for the purposes of this article are now so widespread they are being used on a non-consensual basis on many members of the general public as a form of electronic harassment and they are being used in combination with many other types of wireless electronic weapons as well as directed energy weapons.

Many government employees and others are under a form of electronic mind control, the basis of which is that they are being programmed to filter out all information which comes to them which does not comply with the new world order view of the world. This electronic mind control appears to eminate from microwave transmitters because it has been noticed by some that any government staff who work close to microwave transmitters strongly defend the new world order view of the world despite overwhelming contrary evidence being presented to them. Is the electronic mind control apparatus being programmed on a worldwide basis or is it being programmed on a separate basis inside each country and who is programming it and where are they located whenever they are physically programming it? It is not the work of artificial intelligence because a lump of metal can not make independent decisions so the notion of the existence of artificial intelligence is rejected by all logical thinking individuals . It is my belief that thousands of staff work behind the scenes to continually program what some erroneously believe is artificial intelligence. Thousands of other staff also work behind the scenes to program elaborately costumed robots so that the hoax of an extra terresterial presence can be presented to the public in order to dupe them.
If you become a non-consensual recepient of voice to skull direct communication which is likely to happen unless we shortly put a stop to the goals of the new world order cabal you will hear a variety of voice commands throughout the course of each and every day. You will be commanded to carry out household chores and your personal financial habits will be commented on and you could possibly be repremanded if you make personal financial spending choices which are not in keeping with the wishes of the new world order cabal. Everything you do throughout each day and night will be observed on a screen. This is possible to achieve because each and every time you move a muscle in your body you generate a unique pattern of electromagnetic frequencies which can then be automatically translated onto a screen on the other side of the world by wireless electronic means so that criminal neuro staff who are unknown to you can see a likeness of you on their screens moving around a likeness of your home. This program is now commonly known as being Remote Neural Monitored and whenever someone is placed on this or similar programs their eyes are automatically being implanted while they are in a state of unawareness while under frequency control so that the aforementioned criminal neuro staff can see what ever you see on their screens if they should wish to do so.
If babies become placed on voice to skull direct communication through direct implantation after hospital births they could then while growing up be misinformed about all aspects of life while they are being simultaneously programmed to become obedient slaves to the new world order cabal who lurk inside large organisations such as the United Nations as well as the Council for Foreign Relations and the International Banking and Private Corporate shareholder groups. These implanted children would then grow up under constant voice to skull direct communication with unknown neuro operatives whose own agenda remains unknown. Are the neuro operatives themselves who work as teams throughout Ireland and live lives completely undetectable to the Irish police enslaved or are they willing participants in the technological enslavement of their fellow men and women of the world? In order to continue living their lives in a state of total anonynimity they use frequency devices which mesmerize the minds of the most senior Gardai whenever they are approached by said Gardai. They also hire chauffeur driven vehicles on occasions in order to avoid detection. They never register their births, marriages and deaths. I know this because I am being both electronically harassed and psychologically tortured by them now and for the past number of years. Does any one know of any methodology to track down these criminal neuro staff and bring them to justice as soon as is humanly possible? If so let me know .

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Whenever we expose our biofields to two way digital communication devices, other individuals can hack into our biofields and over time render us immobile. They can also read our current thoughts and our passed memories which are through to become stored in our biofields. For further information of human biofields please read a book called "Human Energy Fields" by Colin A. Ross M.D.
The electromagnetic field of the human body which is sometimes known as the human bio field or the human energy field or the human aura exists and can be photographed by a human energy field camera. There is an excellent human biofield camera currently on the market called the Samsung Galaxy New Energy Camera. This particular biofield camera was invented by a British scientist called Dr Harry Oldfield but there are many other similar biofield cameras available for purchase by the general public both on and off the internet.
It is generally believed that all of our current thoughts as well as all of our passed memories are contained in our human biofield. When we are closely located to a personal computer or smart phone which is registered to our given name we can be readily identified by staff who work for the United States National Security Agency or a similar registered secret society. These staff first of all identify us by using a special technique known as human energy field imprint identification. They then monitor all of our activities while we are in front of our computer if they wish to do so. They wirelessly connect their own biofield to the biofield of the largely unaware digital device user so that they can adjust it in ways that make it remotely controllable to them so that they could eventually get remote control over the human bodies of the individual who they are targeting for remote control.
These biofield scientists who work for the, by now, criminal elite can achieve total control over the human biofield of one of their fellow men, women or children anywhere in the world and by that means then achieve total control over their physical body while accessing them through their two way digital communication device. The scientists who work for the aforementioned criminal elite do so against their wills and without their permission because they themselves are accessed by their own human biofield and can be murdered at the will of the aforementioned criminal elite. I am in continual contact with these scientists and their staff via direct human communication which has come to be known as voice to skull or microwave hearing or synthetic telepathy because I myself am now going through the process of being bio-robotized through exposure of my own biofield to my own two way digital communication devices. However, I will shortly no longer be exposing myself to any digital technologies whatsoever in order to protect myself from this biorobotization process which has also come to be known as human cyborgization or whole body takeover.
I have over time received this information from the voices which I hear coming from inside my head via voice to skull and I am not entirely sure if I should trust it because by using our computers to share true information we can fight against the criminal elite who control the intelligence services. The intelligence agencies are secret societies whose salaries are paid by the general public but the general public are not allowed to scrutenise their activities. Why is this? What is the role of the intelligence agencies? Are the intelligence agencies controlled by any other secret society such as the Freemasons? Why are their areas throughout the whole world that are out of bounds to the general public such as Area 51. Can people be legally murdered now? Can people be murdered or tortured inside Area 51 without any public scruteny whatsoever? Who allowed this situation to come about and why? When will all areas throughout the world which are out of bounds to public scruteny be again exposed to publics scruteny?
For further information about my experiences of being remotely electronically harassed and remotely psychologically tortured please read my website which I alone own and control and which is called My name is Gretta Fahey and I live at Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland.

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I am being targeted by directed energy weapons and a wide variety of other still classified weapons while I am in the privacy of my own home and this is occurring against my will and without my permission.
Today I felt surges of energy surging through my head and I asked the criminal operatives who communicate with me via voice to skull technology directly into my brain what they were doing and why. One of the criminal operatives replied as follows. "We are adhereing our technology to your brain stem in order that we in future have direct access to your spinal cord and in so doing also have direct access to your entire physicaly bodily system so that we can entirely contol it of our own volition while denying you any and all access to your own physicality for the entirety of your remainder on earth. If you follow our direction now we will not allow our team to conquer control of your entire body control system. If you continue to operate under your own direction we will go ahead with the plan. I then asked the criminal operatives what aspect of my life they had a complaint with. The criminal operative who I was informed via the system had the most false authority within said control system replied as follows " we have found no reason whatsoever to complain about any aspect of your life so far. However if at any future time we do find a way to lodge a complaint about any aspect of your life whatsoever we will then hesitate to adhere our technology to your brain stem where you would be externally physically controlled from that day forward."

Why do some members of the human race feel they have the legal right to externally control the privately owned physical bodies of their own equal members of this earth by wireless means and thereby deny those targeted individuals the legal right to enjoy the free will of operating their own privately owned physical bodies which they rightfully believe is their birth right to do so and who exactly are those members of the human race who feel they have the right to carry out this act and where is their current permanent legal location or locations?

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All new recruits to the United States army are deemed to be hearing voices coming from inside their own heads because a voice transmitting technique is being used against them largely against their wills and without their permission. I am in receipt of this information because I myself am hearing voices coming from inside my own head via voice to skull communication which is sometimes also known as microwave hearing or synthetic telepathy which is a military capability and has been so for more than fifty years. Because it is still classified the psychiatry profession deem it necessary to instigate proceedings against us if we speak about this and other matters.

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“I used wireless remote means to switch her water distiller on and off while it was empty to the extent that it could have caused a house fire and now she gets her drinking water from another source which is outside our control”. “You should have left it alone. I am no longer getting the necessary procurements that come in tap water. Owing to the distillation process I was still getting a fair amount of the procurements necessary to carry out my work in bio-robotizing a human being. Now, however, it is not as easy to have this process carried out. The patterns are osculating without the necessary procurements.”
“There is a vast quantity of light coming in through the eyelids, distorting the images I am trying to sustain inside the brain of Gretta Fahey who is the occupant of the human body I am attempting to contain inside a fusion of energy.”
“There is nothing here that would allow me to claim dominance over this woman.”
“This information guidance system has not been allowed to prosper in Ireland. Why is this?”
“A housing licence is a licence which allows you to live where you are living. A housing licence is something which is due to be brought in over the next few years. If you are not granted a housing licence you will be asked to vacate whatever property you live in regardless of whether you own and control it or not.”
“She has been monitored inside her own home for many years. They get paid not in cash but in higher end merchandise.” (I then heard the following response from another neuro operative as follows) “The merchandise I get is not higher end. I collect it in Athlone in my own time after receiving the necessary paperwork which is sent to my home by currier.”
“We will demote her to a place of sanctuary inside her own body and we will use the body then.”
“Is it bio-robotization or auto-robotization?”
“We are attributing some things to Gretta that she didn’t say at all.”
“How dare you suspend my work without providing me with a reason. If you do that again I will inflict extreme pain on you”. (That was said because of the fact that I had just switched off my computer suddenly)
“There is an ongoing investigation into IBS policies. It is unoperational owing to the volume of information Gretta has put out about the procedure which is extremely cruel and which amounts to sixteen years of psychological torture.”
“A destruction mechanism is what we have in mind. We don’t want this woman Gretta to be in the world.”
“I am miterforming and it is not going well.”
“We haven’t been able to establish a platform in order to program Gretta into our way of thinking.”
“While we have wireless reach of somebody we can compromise them.”
“You will not get this out because I will block it.”
“It is not in our interest to leave her asleep because we lose money.”
“You haven’t eaten a banana in a while. Why don’t you eat a banana now.”
“Place her in a laughing frenzy”.
“We were there, eves dropping on the conversation through implants in the woman.” (this was spoken by one of the inner voices to one of their colleagues)
“The more despised this woman is the better I like it.”
“Nothing in her pocket only the basics.” ” She is not one of us so.” “Hasten her death then.”
“I am going writing you up as abusive to staff.”
“Spinal column should have been calcified by now.”
“Not alive yet (referring to my arms) and when they are alive we can create havoc.”
“Nothing requires us to wake her up at night. We just do it as part of our harassment protocol.”
“The main team reside in Britian and work out of a system of departmentalization. We almost never see the other main team members or clients or antagonists or controllers. The main team were trained for this work from infancy. They have no knowledge other than this.” (I presume that when they said the word “work” they meant the work of transhumanising a real live deeply unwilling and frightened human being).
“We can control the email of the subject. Her emails don’t have to get out if we dont wish them to get out.”
“Field a system that will generate evidence against her.”
“What will we do with her when she is ours?”
“We can’t have you sending out information like this.”
“Is there anyone in Dublin to put a stop to this woman’s nonsense.”
“Keep a civil tongue in your head.”
“I’m out. I am letting go of my investment in this woman.”
“We haven’t anything on her but I could make up something pretty quick.”
“What evidence have you against this individual.” “None whatsoever. She never committed a crime in her life.” You better manufacture some evidence then.”
“Recently we’ve had a lot of activity in this area and we’re very keen to get a system in place.”
“There is pressure on the side of her jaws at the moment. ” “Do we care.” “No”.
“She drinks.” “She doesn’t drink alcohol.” “I didn’t say she drinks alcohol.”
“I own you and everything about you.”
“Put a muzzle on her.”
“We wish to bring people who have irritable bowel syndrome under government control.”
“Ask Dunnes Stores to cease selling yellow and white garments as well as red and white garments because it is confusing my system of knowing the status of the human being which I see on my screen.”
“Open the bowel is not the case.” This was said while I was sitting on the toilet in the privacy of my own home where I was entirely alone and the outer doors were locked.
“Showing your arse to the men.” (I was alone in my yard and I bent down in order to free out a water channel that had become blocked.)
“We will take you down with that action, you stupid cunt.” ( I was alone in my yard and I held my hand behind my back in order to stop the perpetrators from place swirling energy around my nether regions which they often do because they wish to establish if I have any bladder or bowel problems which I am claiming disability allowance for.)
“My staff need to get readings of bowel anomalies so that we can verify that you have irritable bowel syndrome.”
“Put a marker on this system.”
“She shouldn’t be living alone for one thing. Should she?”
“Put an end to her life. That’s all I’m saying.”
“Well done. We have now got a system in place where we can now monitor her from inside for the rest of her life.”
“The bowel system is not what we are interested in. We are interested in bio-robotizing the woman.”
“This woman is going to cop it and I’ll make sure she does.” ” She has criticized the system to an extreme degree and she won’t get away with it.” “I have nothing on her” “Find something.”
“She is entitled to peace of mind, the same as everybody else. You’re the culprit, not her.”
“You’ll be placed under a hold if you don’t watch yourself, you stupid woman.”
“Gretta. We are not going to have a problem with you in the future because you are not going to be able to deal at all.”
“Is there any way we can deal that would ruin this woman.”
“Whose house is she in today. ” “Her own. She has the right of residence to live there until she does but she does not actually own it.”
“Gretta. We haven’t shut down the study. We just claim to do so when other people are listening in order to impress them.”
“You are living an unsustainable lifestyle” “We will force you to accept our help.” (This was said to me because I don’t work and I claim disability allowance for irritable bowel syndrome.)
“Is someone attempting to sabotage these programs? This program failed. Are we having a problem? We are endeavouring to report a criminal offence.”
“No we are not. We can validate that this woman never has committed a crime in her life.”
“Incinerate the bitch.”
“We will maintain her in a controlled demeanour throughout.”

“We can move her body against her will. We could make her create havoc in a workplace. She would have no control over it.” (Forced muscle movement can easily be achieved by wireless means by the use of a frequency modulator against anyone who has been implanted in a certain way.)
“We gave classified ourselves as slave masters and we have classified Gretta Fahey as a slave because she has been deemed to have no legal rights.”
” We will hurt you very badly if you eat food that we don’t sanction.”
“We are no longer in the installation process. We are in the information process. You will be obedient to my command.”
“These individuals are not allowed personalities. They are only allowed prototypes.”
“While we have wireless reach of somebody we can compromise them.”
“I hate these modern conveniences. Break a few of them.” (That was said in response to a remark I made that I had switched on the dishwasher and the tumble dryer.)
“Tell her she is not allowed to use her computer at certain hours.”
“She doesn’t need online access because she is not working full time.”
“I am not a moderator. I am a slave master and she will do what she is told.”
“Rope her.”
“We can afford to lose her. She hasn’t done anything for us.”
“If you don’t co-operate with me I’ll make you blind and deaf.”
“Where are you off to?. I’ll hurt you if you don’t answer me.”
“Enforced muscle movement in order to hybridize into the system in order to bio-robotize the human being.”
“I don’t care if she is non-consensual. If I ask her a question she will answer it. Otherwise, she will experience extreme pain.”
“Are the cameras off?” “There are no cameras.” “She is too heavy to lift” “She will electrocute herself so we wont be able to recover her body.”
“What is she doing now?” “She is cleaning her own kitchen.” ” That is my kitchen now.” “No. It isn’t. It is still her own kitchen because we haven’t got a foot hold into the Republic of Ireland at all and it is still a sovereign state.”
“We are controlling your country from inside through wirelessly enslaving some of your people.”
“Where is the fulcrum?” “We haven’t done it yet.”
” You think we are here for your benefit. No. We are here to take down your country and rule it.”
“We can turn you into a mannequin by remote means.”
“You just now gave Gretta Fahey a tremor. This is where she is fed the information from this technology here and if you stand too close to the technology and then shout the recipient of the information will get a tremor.”
“A political stance is now needed.”
“We have most of this woman under our control. Prioritise what you want because we can deliver anything.”
“Section this woman.” “Under what grounds will I section her?” “Consider your options” ” She is all but bio-robotized. We will utilize her for some endeavour.” ” If she is sectioned she will not be utilized.”
“The readout has been imprinted.”
“Gretta doesn’t like you.” “We know nothing like that at all. We like to create division.”
“We are now going to systematically destroy the woman.”
(With regard to a product I ordered off Amazon the following was heard by me) “She is not working. She shouldn’t have those lamps. I am going to block that order.”
“We plan to trap Gretta Fahey inside the force field of her human body and permanently enslave her while she is still conscious.”

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Posted on October 19, 2019 by gretta  fahey
I am non-consensually wirelessly linked to the wireless internet of things which is also known as the brain net. Unknown neuro operatives speak to me via a two way live link to the hearing centre of my brain. Occasionally, I take a note of a small sample of what they say to me and I post it online later. Here is a small sample of what they have been saying to me and about me to their own colleagues recently.
“Be careful of us Gretta Fahey. You are stepping too close to our comfort zone and we are not happy.”
“Does she drink alcohol.” “No, she never drinks alcohol.” “Shut her up.” “She has no interest in alcohol.” “Why doesn’t she develop a taste for something because I’d like to see her inebriated.”
“We need the system administrators to give us the go ahead to stop doing what we do to the body of Gretta Fahey, namely bio-robotizing her in order to eventually gain total external control over her limbs, and all other muscles of her living human body.”
“They are allowing this woman Gretta Fahey to have bladder leakages by their work activities.”
“Why are you torturing this woman for sixteen years.” “There is good money in it.”
“She is not washing herself well enough.” (I take a daily shower and I wash all of my clothes every day.)
“We need to have a system of digital analysis in Gretta’s bicycle.” “It would be illegal to place a digital system in Gretta’s bicycle without first asking her permission. Since we can not ask her permission because she would deny us permission we can not then have a digital analysis system placed on her bicycle and we therefore can not analyse her bodily and brain systems while she is riding her bicycle to town and back.” “It bodes badly against us if people start disposing of their digital analysis systems namely their smart engineered devices in order to break free of this digital enslavement system that we are currently setting up worldwide and especially inside the bodies and brains of a selection of human beings now considered smart individuals because they are now wirelessly tethered to the wireless internet of thing.” (That neuro operative then explained to me after I asked several questions that while I am riding my bicycle or while I am out and about without having any digital device within five feet of me then no data can be collected from my brain or body during that time. When I return home and sit in front of my computer which is a digital analysis system, data can then begin to be collected from my brain and body again but data which was generated by my brain and body while I was away from all digital analysis systems can never be regained.)
One of the neuro staff what heard by me to say the following to one of their colleagues “You can do what you like as long as you deliver the goods at the end of the day.” The other colleague was heard by me to then ask the following question “What are the goods.?” The answer that was heard by me was as follows “Societal Justice”. I myself wish to respond as follows “I have always obeyed all man made laws and there is extreme injustice in society but it does not come from me. It comes down from the top of a worldwide false hierarchical chain of command in the form of deliberately engineered evil policies. By now, all of our societal institutions have been infiltrated in ways that cause as many problems as possible to manifest in order that they can then make more and more laws so that we are eventually enslaved by them. If problems happen in society it is generally because of deliberate bad policies being made manifest in society. My question is as follows : why would torturing me psychologically for sixteen and a half years be a way of delivering “societal justice” to the world? Why don’t the wireless torturers turn their attention to those at the top of the false hierarchical based chain of command because that is where all the problems of the world stem from? Perhaps because my psychological torturers are cowards and will only pick on a single woman living alone in the West of Ireland rather than two thousand Satanists who sit at the top of the worldwide false hierarchical based chain of command and who own banks, corporations and up to forty six percent of the wealth of the whole world. Bullies always attempt to pick on someone less powerful than themselves and run from the powerful.
I sometimes hear the voice to skull inner voices say the following about me “No one knows her”. I don’t know what they mean by this because whenever I write a letter to a politician or the media or anyone else I put my name, address, location code, website name, landline home phone number and email address on it. What else could they wish to know about me. I have a high profile in the sense that I sent out a lot of letters to government officials, university staff and the main stream media as well as the alternative media as well as pushing letters through letterboxes of the homes of my local towns. I have placed a lot of information about myself on my website.
I once heard the voice of an unknown neuro operative coming from inside my head non-consensually while he said the following “I don’t want these images coming up on my screen.” I wish to explain here what I think he meant by that as follows –
If a scientific experiment is being conducted and the experimentation subject is wearing a cap over their brain which has electrodes on it while looking at a picture of an orange the evoked potentials which are generated on the computer screen of the scientist are automatically translated into information which lets him know that the subject is looking at a picture of an orange. If the subject simply conjures up a mental image of an orange with their imagination and no picture of an orange is present the scientist will then be allowed to know that no picture of an orange is present and the subject is simply conjuring up an image of an orange with their imagination. However, it is possible that their is a second scientist in another room looking at the same evoked potentials but that second scientist is not allowed to know whether the image of an orange which is presented on his screen is conjured up by the imagination of the subject or whether the subject is actually looking at a picture of an orange.
I am a non-consensual subject of such research but instead of wearing a cap containing electrodes on my head, neural dust containing something similar to electrodes is inside my head, close to my scalp. When I look at an image of something in my own home, an unknown scientist can know what I am looking at by having the evoked potentials my brain generates automatically translated into what I am looking at. If I imagine something inside my head the same unknown scientists can know that I have simply imagined something but that thing which I have imagined is not in my home and I have not physically seen it.
Some of what I see in my everyday life is disgusting and when it is also seen on the screens of the unknown criminal neuro staff who monitor everything I see or do they also find it disgusting. That is why I have been asked by those unknown criminal neuro staff not to look into my own toilet bowl anymore, whenever I use the toilet.
If an images is generated by a non-consensual subject of remote neural monitoring, is it always possibly for the remote neural monitoring staff to be able to accurately decipher whether that image is one which is real and is in the subjects environment, or whether it is a distant memory of the subject, or whether it is being conjured up by the subjects imagination or whether it is deliberately being inserted by neuro imaging staff who are unknown to the remote neural monitoring staff and who work from a different location to the remote neural monitoring staff? Have neuro imaging staff ever inserted external images into the brain of a human subject in order that remote neural monitoring staff would then wrongly believe that the subject had prior knowledge of a deed that the aforementioned subject had no prior knowledge of whatsoever.?

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Posted on November 1, 2019 by gretta fahey
I am currently reading a book called “Virtual Government, CIA Mind Control Operations in America” by Alex Constantine. I am herein quoting some lines from page 83 as follows:-
“Psychotronic devices that communicate directly with the brain are the hidden trust of the current mind control program. Subjects are used against their will. They are often tortured in their own homes with advanced non-lethals of the type developed by the CIA’s mind control crew. – and since the subject never lays eyes on his tormentors they need not fear exposure”
I am one of the individuals who is being tortured in my own home with advanced non-lethal weapons and I have never laid eyes on my tormentors. I am being forced to listen to their voices which I hear coming from inside my head against my will and without my permission on a constant basis throughout each day and night, whenever I am awake. I asked them the following question in the past hour as follows ” Why are police stations and government offices placed directly under microwave transmitters? The answer I received back from the unknown operatives who place simulations of their voices inside my head was as follows “Microwave mind control has been used to subdue systems of government for years. Nobody questions it.”
Because there is a thirty year lag between classified projects and declassified projects many individuals especially psychiatrists do not appear to be aware that technology exists which allows criminals to place voices inside the heads of non-consenting and extremely unwilling individuals who are attempting to go about their lives peacefully.
Recently a voice which I heard coming from inside my head was heard by me to say the following “I can not allow my family to know I am involved in this type of harassment.” and this was directly followed by another internal voice which was heard by me to say the following “I don’t want my family to know that I am involved either.”

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I am non-consensually wirelessly connected to the internet of things which is also known as the brain net and this fate is meant for all of you except for about two thousand individuals who sit at the top of the worldwide hierarchical based chain of command. Being wirelessly connected to the internet of things is a fate worse than death. Unknown very controlling individuals speak to me continually throughout each day and they send me voice commands as well as disparaging comments and death threats among other unwanted communications. They send information to my organs and limbs in order to gain more control over my physical body until such a time as they can completely immobilize and paralyse me if I don’t obey them. At this point of time after they have spent more than sixteen years wirelessly experimenting on me, they can ground me for several minutes whenever they feel like doing so, by sending information to some of my muscles which temporarily cause me pain.
I post online on my website some of what these inner voices say to me often. Here is some of what the aforementioned voices have said to me and to their work colleagues about me in the past few days:-
“Why isn’t she eating salad.” “Why aren’t you eating salad?” ( I had just finished eating almost a full punnit of grapes when they asked me that.)
“I want her to switch off her computer.”
“Inappropriate conduct in the workplace herself. ” This was followed shortly after by the following “I withdraw it.”
“Apprehend her.”
“Why is wifi not operational.” “Sorry, That was my fault.”
“I have a problem with her. She is overweight.”
“This is an innocuous system.” “No it isn’t. It is a system of destroying a human being and rendering them immobile so that they cant move a muscle unless we give them permission.”
“Sending all kinds of rubbish to the national press. We will have to stop her I’m afraid.”
“Get this woman off my screen.”
“Make a quick decision to have this lady sent to a psychiatric hospital. We don’t want to see any more of this material sent out to the public.”
“Take away your hand. I want to analyse your bowel.”
“We are not allowing Gretta Fahey to sleep adequately most nights and we are causing her extreme distress as well, both of which inhibit good digestion.”
“We need you to classify this woman as a deviant.”
My name is Gretta Fahey from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland. My landline home phone number is 0949360901. My website is called My email address is

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Posted on September 10, 2019 by gretta fahey
I am being subjected to non-consensual transhumanisation which is being forced on me by wireless means due to nano implantation and other types of implantation of my body and brain. Transhumanised individuals are also known as smart citizens. I am being forced to listen to the voices of the neuro staff which are being transmitted to me by wireless means on a continual basis. I often post some of what these neuro staff say to me on my website which is called Here is some of what the neuro staff have recently transmitted to me by direct wireless communication which is sometimes known as voice to skull or microwave hearing, as follows:-
“The more despised this woman is the better I like it.”
“Nothing in her pocket only the basics.” ” She is not one of us so.” “Hasten her death then.”
“I am going writing you up as abusive to staff.”
“Spinal column should have been calcified by now.”
“Not alive yet (referring to my arms) and when they are alive we can create havoc.”
“Nothing requires us to wake her up at night. We just do it as part of our harassment protocol.”
“The main team reside in Britian and work out of a system of departmentalization. We almost never see the other main team members or clients or antagonists or controllers. The main team were trained for this work from infancy. They have no knowledge other than this.” (I presume that when they said the word “work” they meant the work of transhumanising a real live deeply unwilling and frightened human being).
“We can control the email of the subject. Her emails don’t have to get out if we dont wish them to get out.”
“Field a system that will generate evidence against her.”

My name is Gretta Fahey.   My address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560,  Republic of Ireland,

My website which I alone own and control is called

My landline home phone number is 0949360901.

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A neuro slave is a human being who has been implanted with a micro chip in the base of their brain and they may also have an array of electrodes injected all around their skull.   The microchip and the electrodes becomes wirelessly linked to a supercomputer and this allows neuro staff to send and receive information to and from the brain and body of the neuro slave to the extent that they collect all of the electrical activity from the brain and body of the neuro slave on a continual basis.  As well as that they send information to the  spinal column of the victim until such a time as they  can paralyse the victim from head to toe if they victim refuses to obey voice commands which are sent to them from the neuro staff by direct wireless communication which is also known as voice to skull or microwave hearing.

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I am wirelessly non-consensually linked to a human control and enslavement system where I am being judged as part of a social credit score system in the Republic of Ireland. I visited Tesco in Ballinrobe, County Mayo today and I purchased one item and I checked it out at the customer operated checkout myself. I was in the store less than five minutes. I did not interact with anyone while I was there. I have now been informed by wireless direct communication that I am no longer allowed to shop in any Tesco store whatsoever. Why is this?

My name is Gretta Fahey and my address is Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Eircode F12 Y560, Republic of Ireland.  My website is called   My landline home phone number is 0949360901

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I am wirelessly linked to a network of computers and possibly a supercomputer where I am continually monitored, manipulated and psychologically tortured on a permanent basis and I have been so for more than sixteen years. At 7.50pm on 11th August, 2019 I heard a voice coming from inside my head who said that he was nervous about the task at hand. I asked him the following question "Why are you a peeping Tom". He replied as follows "We have a bowel problem to expose." I then asked him "Why have you a bowel problem to expose?. He then replied as follows "I have no response."

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I am non-consensually wirelessly connected to a network of computers for the purposes of illegal and immoral experimentation on my brain and body which has been ongoing for more than sixteen years. The connection from the network of computers to my brain and body is a two way link which allows these unknown criminal neuro scientists as well as neuro operatives to force me to listen to their voice commands against my will and without my permission. It also allows them to non-consensually move some of the muscles of my body and to externally control my vocal cords and my facial muscles against my will and without my permission. Just now at approximately 19.25 hours on 21st June, 2019 I began to rub the back of my neck and immediately the voice of one of the unknown neuro scientists who experiment on me was heard by me to complain to his colleagues that I had just destroyed about two years of his work. He then asked for legal advice from one of his advisors. His advisor was heard by me to inform him that he was considered a criminal and he had no right to be there.
If you are a targeted individual of non-consensual wirelessly enabled experimentation which has come to be known by those in the know as remote wireless torture, try rubbing the back of your neck often because said back of your neck is a key area that illegal research scientists often focus on during their wirelessly enabled research which is being conducted from a remote location while leaving no visible trace for the police to investigate.

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I am a victim of secret, non-consensual neuro experimentation and research, which is being carried out by fusion centres in the United States and parallel centres throughout the U.K. . American military and intelligence agents and sub agents combined with other similar agents throughout the world, who have been tasked with gaining absolute control over the human race carry out this unlawful work. I am wirelessly linked by a two-way link to a network of computers which are controlled by sub agents of these military and intelligence agencies and I keep a daily blog on a number of social media sites where I outline what these agents communicate to me via bio-communication on an ongoing basis. I hear their voices coming from inside my head via brain to brain communication and synthetic telepathy and a number of other methods and I am engaged with their voices on an almost constant basis.

These secret agents collect and collate all electrical activity being generated by my brain and body on a constant basis via the two way link which links me to their computer network. They also use the aforementioned two way link to send information to my brain and body in the form of voices, moving images, bodily sensations, pain signals, odours, forced muscle movement, feelings and thoughts. Not alone can they send information into my body to force the muscles of my face and neck to move against my will whenever they wish, but they can and are sending information signals into my body in order to make my intestines act against my will.
These same sub agents of the intelligence service can and do evoke memories from my past by asking me questions. This allows them to bring up images from my past memories in living colour on their computer screens, for exploration. They further prepare the information they glean for data analysis where it is sent to Fort Meade, Maryland to be further analysed for scientific use. Fort Meada, Maryland is heavily involved in tabulating all data which is being collected from me and from many other targeted individuals throughout the world in preparation for a police state in Ireland and all other courtires throughout the world. As part of the work of the sub agents who target me and others, they are obliged to tabulate the number of sexual penetrations which women have had during the course of their lifetimes to date. They will not allow us to have any privacy whatsoever.  They claim that they only work on individuals whose identity they do not know and have no way of ever knowing but there is no truth in that claim because the staff who work on me all know who I am and where I live combined with everything about my life that one could possibly wish to know.  

Here below is some of what these unknown operatives have been saying to me via inner voices technology during the past few days:-

“Is there a civil case against this lady.” “No” “That is regretable to us.”
“You will be safely encased inside your body within months and unable to move a muscle.”
“Distain her in every possible way.”
“Only evidence based is acceptable.” “She has nothing on us.”
“We have nothing on her. We need to have some leverage on her in order to control all situations when dealing with her.”
“We can not allow this woman to continue posting an online daily blog, quoting what we say to her in private.”
“At the moment we are doing our utmost to conceal the information.”
“This system has all the hallmarks of a monarch program being set up throughout the world by wireless means and from a remote location.”
“If we succeeded in bio-robotizating you we would encourage our clients to use you in any way they could.”
“Is she on medicaid?” “No. This lady is a European lady.” (Medicaid is a form of health care only in use in the United States.) ( I believe the individuals who reproduce their voices inside my head using advanced technology are mostly American because they constantly make references to American terms. I live in Ireland, Europe and I have never been to the United States.)
“I am quite unused to this level of information going out about our exploits. Gretta Fahey is agrieveing me.”
“The material is not nice.” “The staff here are saying these things to Gretta. Gretta is not generating it herself.” This was responded to by another inner voice which was heard by me to say the following “She shouldnt repeat it.”
I personally believe there is an easy way to stop this slow enslavement process of the human race. We should and must destroy all infrastructure which enables it. The existence of satellites has been found to be a hoax. What was initially believed to be satellites were in fact large stationary drones. Telephone masts are the linchpin which holds the whole control and enslavement system together. The dark new world order self-proclaimed elite do not own the infrastructure as previously thought because they obtained it by the use of electronically mind controlling the individuals who sold them the infrastructure , which makes their ownership of it illigitimate. Therefore the human race ownes all technological infrastructure which has been installed throughout the world and it is our right to disassemble it and have it banned and outlawed urgently. Please canvas in your area to have this done as a matter of urgency.

My name is Gretta Fahey, from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Ireland.   My website which I alone own and control is called   

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I am connected to a computer system by a two way stream of energy which allows the  operatives of said computer system to force me to listen to their voices whenever they wish and I hear their voices coming from inside my head.   Today I heard a voice of one of these afore mentioned   operatives say the following to another colleague  "We need some help.   There is nothing we can do here."   This was followed by another voice which was heard by me to say the following  "Do you have insurance."   Another voice replied as follows "Do you mean leverage on the lady in question?"    The answer I heard coming from inside my head was "No".  A voice then replied as follows "Just leave and we will come back and finish the job later."

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I am  non-consensually wirelessly linked by a bi-directional link  to a computer network from my brain and body using classified technology.     I am forced to hear the voices of the computer network operatives coming from inside my head.   The computer network operatives send information through the bi-directional link in a way that makes my muscles malfunction and which ultimately could give these criminal computer network operatives total control over my muscles to the extent that they then could possibly control my whole body by wireless remote control.  If these criminal computer network operatives do eventually gain total control over my body and if during a time when I am being trialled by remote control  in a public arena, then if the Irish police came across me and found evidence that I was being wirelessly remote controlled they would then  be informed by the team who would be wirelessly remote controlling me that I was a systems analysis platform cogent.  I do not know what that means but I was informed via the bi-directional link which I am connected by that this would be how the situation would be handled if it ever occurred.

As this wireless connection from computer networks  to a selection of individuals is invisible, these individuals  who are non-consensually  wirelessly connected in this manner currently have no means of proving to the Gardaí that they are wirelessly connected to computer networks run by organized criminal gangs.   However, if the targeted individuals were given access to spectrum analysers and other state owned equipment they might then be able to prove that they are non-consensually wirelessly linked in this manner.

As the situation stands, we, the non-consensually wirelessly connected targeted individuals of the Republic of Ireland have no access to the protection of the law because we can not prove that we are wirelessly linked to computer networks being run by organised criminal gangs.  The Gardaí tend to believe that we are imagining it so they feel it is necessary to first send us for psychiatric evaluation in order to ascertain that we are not mentally ill.   Unfortunately, psychiatrists are wrongly trained to believe that we are mentally ill when we present with claims that we are wirelessly connected to said computer networks and they incarcerate us inside mental hospitals where we are obliged to ingest harmful substances which hinder our ability to further illucidate our experiences.  

According to the billionaire industrialist Elon Musk, the whole human race will shortly be wirelessly linked to computer networks.   I am horrified by this situation because I know that this wireless linking system is an enslavement system.   The unknown computer network operatives who I interact with on a continual basis often move my facial muscles against my will.  They also have made my head nod vigorously and shake vigorously against my will on one occasion each.   They wake me up whenever they wish.  They can make me feel extremely cold or extremely hot whenever they wish.   They make personal comments about me when I am alone while sitting on my toilet in the privacy of my own home.  They read my inner dialogue which are my private thoughts on a constant basis and they sometimes reply to them in real time.   If I create a mental image of anything inside my head that mental image is translated into an image on their digital media screen.   They can even send me their own disturbing mental images and force me to see them with my minds eye against my will and without my permission. 

The governments of Europe and the United States of America have donated billions of Euros and Dollars towards brain research.  This brain research is now being used to enslave the whole population of the world by the dark occultists who run the world behind the scenes.   Most of humanity appear to know nothing about the possibility that they could soon be non-consensually wirelessly connected to computer networks and then enslaved by this process.   All targeted individuals of this process are constantly raising awareness of this technological enslavement system but many of the rest of the human race appear to be under microwave mind control.    We must urgently disassemble and ban both microwave and millimetre wave transmitters in order to halt this human enslavement process.  We now know that the existence of satellites is a hoax.   Stationary drones and balloons which carry microwave transmitters have been falsely presented to us as satellites.  NASA is the only single official source of information about satellites and we now know that NASA staff are mainly controlled by dark occultists who wish to wirelessly enslave the human race.  

  Why are the senior politicians of Ireland so anxious to have all millimetre wave transmitters installed throughout the Republic of Ireland by 2020.   Are they under microwave mind control or are they compromised in some way.  Are they wirelessly tethered themselves.   They must urgently make a public announcement  to the main stream media in order to inform the people of Ireland of their intentions.

My name is Gretta Fahey.  I live at Newbrook, Claremorris, County Mayo, Ireland.  My Eircode is F12 Y560.   My website which I alone own and control is called   My facebook page is,   My landline home phone number is 0949360901.  

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