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Ley lines are conduits of energy that surround and run through the earth. Individuals who wish to hoard knowledge of earth ley lines for themselves have promulgated the false notion that the existence of ley lines is pseudoscience. For this reason and others the study of earth energy fields has been banned from school and university curricula throughout the world. A differential in knowledge leads to a differential in power and these individuals wish to gain power and control over the human race. Human beings are streams of energy. Who ever gains control over the earths ley lines would eventually in the same manner gain control over a human being through control of their human energy field, in particular the energy vortices of said human energy field. Cathedrals are known to have been built on earth energy field intersections.

I have been subjected to illegal remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation for many years. There is now a computerized two way wireless link from my body and brain to a computer network. All of the data concerning the electrical activity that my brain and body generates is send via this two way wireless link to that computer network for analysis by unknown neuro scientists. Because of manipulations which have occurred within my brain down through the years it may now both help me and hinder me if I were to allow myself to fall asleep while near a computer even if that computer was switched off. When my brain waves reach a certain level of deep relaxation signals from a nearby computer could now enter my brain and this would cause eventual deterioration of the link between by brain and the computer network which would in turn free me from being slowly and incrementally bio-robotized. However, it would alos eventually hamper my ability to think clearly because of extra unwanted data entering and being stored within my brain. The unknown neuro operatives who reproduce their voices inside my head have informed me that they wish me to relay many messages to mankind in order to help mankind to take back their power from the dark new world order criminal cartel and I would not be able to do so if unwanted data had entered by brain in this way.

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The United States government is now openly  targeting  a selected number of citizens of the United States as well as overseas individuals for wirelessly enabled  unlimited remote  neural monitoring  and human experimentation. These selected targeted citizens  are known to the United States police as non-investigative subjects or silent hits.  I have been and still am such a targeted individual and I reside in Ireland.  Voice to skull bio-communication is being used to force me to constantly  listen to the voices of the operatives who run the Remote Neural Monitoring combined with Remote Neural Manipulation system.   Recently I have begun to write down and post online  a small selection of what these operatives say to me by means of reproducing their voices inside my head against my will and without my permission.   Here below is a small selection of what these neuro operatives have been communicating to me by wireless means over the past two days.   

"Watch this space.   We will tie her up in knots so that she wont be able to move a muscle."

"There is somebody here who writes what we say."     The response of a different operative was as follows   "We have had those people before.  We just kill them off."

"This is directly affecting the whole system because now we all know what happens when we speak to her."

"You will wind up as meat on my table.   My people will kill this woman and clean her out and prepare her as a dish to be served in front of me."


I myself said to the neuro operatives whose voices I hear coming from inside my head the following  "Why are you hurting both my knees?"   The response I heard back was as follows  "I am conducting experiments on you".   I then asked the following question  "Are you conducting experiments on me for money?  The response I heard back was as follows  "Yes".  

"It is not a nice thing to do to her but we are getting the system into focus in the world".

"Too many people in the know.  We can't go ahead."

"Puffed up information coming through again."

"Which do you use with Gretta Fahey, the carrot or the stick?"

"Put manners on that woman.  She has destabilized the process."

"Try and destroy the system and see who will win."    My response to that statement was as follows  "We will easily win.  There are seven billion of us.  There are only a small number of you.   The phone towers are the linchpin of your wireless weapons.  We will disassemble and ban all phone towers and your weapons will then be powerless."

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Ley lines are conduits of energy that surround and run through the earth. Individuals who wish to hoard knowledge of earth ley lines for themselves have promulgated the false notion that the existence of ley lines is pseudoscience. For this reason and others the study of earth energy fields has been banned from school and university curricula throughout the world. A differential in knowledge leads to a differential in power and these individuals wish to gain power and control over the human race. Human beings are streams of energy. Who ever gains control over the earths ley lines would eventually in the same manner gain control over a human being through control of their human energy field, in particular the energy vortices of said human energy field. Cathedrals are known to have been built on earth energy field intersections.

I have been subjected to illegal remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation for many years. There is now a computerized two way wireless link from my body and brain to a computer network. All of the data concerning the electrical activity that my brain and body generates is send via this two way wireless link to that computer network for analysis by unknown neuro scientists. Because of manipulations which have occurred within my brain down through the years it may now both help me and hinder me if I were to allow myself to fall asleep while near a computer even if that computer was switched off. When my brain waves reach a certain level of deep relaxation signals from a nearby computer could now enter my brain and this would cause eventual deterioration of the link between by brain and the computer network which would in turn free me from being slowly and incrementally bio-robotized. However, it would alos eventually hamper my ability to think clearly because of extra unwanted data entering and being stored within my brain. The unknown neuro operatives who reproduce their voices inside my head have informed me that they wish me to relay many messages to mankind in order to help mankind to take back their power from the dark new world order criminal cartel and I would not be able to do so if unwanted data had entered by brain in this way.

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Neuro operatives reproduce their voices inside my head by wireless means on a constant basis, every waking moment. I am being monitored on an around the clock basis via remote neural monitoring. Here is an example of some of what those neuro operatives have said to me in the past few days.

"Our people do their best to procure street drugs in order to make them available for the masses of humanity. If the masses are not addicted to something we find them difficult to control."

"We obtain information from targeted individuals in order to ascertain if they would make suitable merchandise".

"Behavioural psychologists order celebrities to be murdered in order to ascertain if the minds of people who are in a state of shock are easier to access for the purposes of electronic mind control".

" We (meaning the neuro operatives themselves) have the capability to inject energy into the human energy field in order to induce temporary paralysis, but only in individuals who have previously been prepared for this, meaning targeted individuals only.

My name is Gretta Fahey, from Newbrook, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Ireland.
My website is My facebook page is My landline home phone number is 0949360901

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"She is exposing us as criminals in front of our peers." I recently heard this sentence coming from inside my head by means of military communication technology due to the fact that nano particulates have become imbedded inside my brain which allows unwanted communications. Whenever the brain researchers speak to me I reply in a way that lets other people who might be in their background know that the voices of said brain researchers are coming from inside my head unwillingly and without my permission. Whenever said brain researchers force their voices inside my head using this method I respond by saying the following "Why am I hearing your voice coming from inside my head against my will and wholly without my permission while saying they following ( here you repeat what the unwanted voice has just said)."
If we allow ourselves to eventually become totally enslaved by wireless weapons we will no longer be allowed to use cash. All money will be digital and your bank account will be deleted if you refuse to be respectful and unquestioningly obedient to the enslavers. We must urgently disassemble and ban all wireless enabling capabilities throughout the world now. We must tear down telephone masts, microwave transmitters, HAARP phased arrays, millimetre wave transmitters, GWEN towers and whatever else us being used to enable wireless capabilities. Drones are low enough to easily be shot down. Satellites are a laughable hoax and so is the International Space Station. They are some of the myriad of hoaxes that were created to exaggerate the power of the would-be enslavers. Wireless weapons and in-home surveillance and torture is not a hoax. As well as being a targeted individual of directed energy weapons myself, I know many other Irish people who are being in-home surveilled and tortured. I known of one young lady from Ireland who committed suicide because of being wirelessly harassed and tortured by wireless weapons. Nobody believed her

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Ley lines are conduits of energy that surround and run through the earth. Individuals who wish to hoard knowledge of earth ley lines for themselves have promulgated the false notion that the existence of ley lines is pseudoscience. For this reason and others the study of earth energy fields has been banned from school and university curricula throughout the world. A differential in knowledge leads to a differential in power and these individuals wish to gain power and control over the human race. Human beings are streams of energy. Who ever gains control over the earths ley lines would eventually in the same manner gain control over a human being through control of their human energy field, in particular the energy vortices of said human energy field. Cathedrals are known to have been built on earth energy field intersections.

I have been subjected to illegal remote neural monitoring and remote neural manipulation for many years. There is now a computerized two way wireless link from my body and brain to a computer network. All of the data concerning the electrical activity that my brain and body generates is send via this two way wireless link to that computer network for analysis by unknown neuro scientists. Because of manipulations which have occurred within my brain down through the years it may now both help me and hinder me if I were to allow myself to fall asleep while near a computer even if that computer was switched off. When my brain waves reach a certain level of deep relaxation signals from a nearby computer could now enter my brain and this would cause eventual deterioration of the link between by brain and the computer network which would in turn free me from being slowly and incrementally bio-robotized. However, it would alos eventually hamper my ability to think clearly because of extra unwanted data entering and being stored within my brain. The unknown neuro operatives who reproduce their voices inside my head have informed me that they wish me to relay many messages to mankind in order to help mankind to take back their power from the dark new world order criminal cartel and I would not be able to do so if unwanted data had entered by brain in this way.

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I am a non-consensual  victim of an unknown crime syndicate who use formerly classified voice to skull direct human communication to  to  speak to me by wireless means and from a remote location  against my will and without my permission.   I have been brain to computer linked for more than fifteen years.  These criminals are able to decode much of the electrical activity generated by my brain and body throughout each day via a two way stream of electromagnetic energy which is wirelessly linked to embedded material inside  my brain and body.   I sometimes write down what these individuals who reproduce their voices inside my head say to me and post it online in many and varied social media sites and on my own website which is called ; Here is some of what these voices which I hear coming from inside my head have been saying to me over the past few days.

"Sidney house corporation has asked why is this woman being allowed to send secret information around the world".

"It is highly inappropriate to throw out that many carrots".

"How dare you write down what we say.  It was never in the bargain. Certain people are extremely distraught."

"I have become an accomplice in this so I may as well destroy the woman".

"If we fail to get her married off we will instead deem her to have borderline paranoid schizophrenia."

"They will kill us or they will kill her if that goes out".

"She is neither elegant nor astute."

"She is not one of us.  Why the heck didnt we know that before we came here?    This was replied to by another unknown voice as follows  "We did know it because none of them are with us.  They are all non-consensual.  It server us better to pretend we believe that they have consented to being neuro research subjects.  

"The Antifada are here at the lookout post.  The lair of the neuro research group is underground in London.  It can be accessed through a chamber inside the house of Lords."

"How many chances does this woman need.  Speak to me or else".

"There is no income stream coming from this woman.  This was responded to by another unknown voice as follows  "An income stream will be now set up to come from this womans estate.   Further to that I heard the following information also coming from inside my head   "This is against all known laws of the circuit courts".   The response I heard then was as follows  "Signalling each other is not the way forward.  I have killed your information source".    While this was being said I got a strong feeling that the individual who I was brain to brain linked at that exact time had been killed because I can feel their emotions and I felt something very strange and unexplanable coming from the brain to brain link into my own head.

"We will decommission the system if this much information is out there".

"This pig of a woman has no right to exist".

"We will have to abandon ship.  We are in danger".  

I had been kept awake at night because of hearing constant voice to skull direct human communication voices coming from inside my head.  I had complained about this during the day via the voice to skull direct human communication system.  I had been unable to carry out my own business due to extreme tiredness.  They then informed me that they had deprived the night staff who had been keeping me awake of work for four weeks as a punishment.  However, other night staff had then later on  begun to keep me awake.  I complained to these individuals that they were keeping me awake by their continual talking during the night.  I then heard the following voices coming from inside my head while speaking to each other "Do you want a four week vacation?.  This was followed by "Yes."   This was followed by "Well keep her awake then."  This was followed by still another inner voice which said "You are going to have to leave this employ.  You are turning against the welfare of this woman."

"If this woman had had a hysterectomy we would have had her by now.  We would have got to the bowel and scared it a bit in order to cause her problems in the future".  

"You have gone out of your way to make me cross".

"Keep your head above the radar and I will slowly inform you that we will kill you".  

"We can pretty much do what we like here.  We have no consideration for you.  Obviously we care enough to keep you alive.  It would be counter productive otherwise."

I would like to strongly advice other recepients of voice to skull unwanted voices to reply to the voices in the following manner as a matter of course.  "Why am I hearing your voice coming from inside my head entirely without my permission while saying the following   (then you repeat whatever you heard them say).  This may lead to exposure in the future for the following reason,   A permanent electronic record of anybody who uses wirelessly enabled  technology  in order to speak to unknown targeted individuals remotely and without their permission might be kept for security reasons.  If and when the courts obtain those electronic records the perpetrators will not be able to claim that they did not know that they were projecting their voices inside the heads on non-consensual and extremely unwilling human beings if you inform them each time they speak to you that you are hearing their voices coming from inside your head and it is non-consensual.  .

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If you hear technologically induced voices coming from inside your head against your will and wholly without your permission you should always respond to them exactly as follows - "Why am I hearing your voice coming from inside my head against my will and wholly without my permission while saying the following" (here you repeat exactly what they said to you.) Whenever you reply to the people who wirelessly transmit their voices into your head in this manner they react in annoyance for the following reason - The neuro operatives who interrogate me on a constant basis by reproducing their voices inside my head go on to sell their comments combined with my replies to interested parties in order to fully understand my personality type for purposes of brain research and many other types of research. However, they are not allowed to acknowledge to the seller exactly how they procured their data because their methods are highly unethical. The purchaser will only purchase the data on condition that they partially delete the part of my reply which says "Why am I hearing your voice coming from inside my head against my will and wholly without my permission while saying the following". However, said neuro operatives can not delete any of my spoken words without incurring both legal and financial penalties at a later date because of an reason unknown both to me and to the  neuro staff who I do not know and who I have never met.

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The worldwide military and intelligence services now have technology which allows them to reproduce their voices inside the heads of non-consensual and unwilling good living human beings because the bodies of most if not all human beings from Europe and America and other similarly developed countries have become embedded with metallic particulates which can be used to transmit and receive the spoken word. These embedded metallic particulates are also being used to send and receive other types of digital signals other than sound signals to the brains and bodies of these people such as sensations, pain, visions and even paralysis.

"We don't want her" were the words which I heard coming from inside my head. I replied as follows "Why am I hearing your voice coming from inside my head wholly against my will and wholly without my permission while saying the following words "We don't want her". I continued as follows "I have not applied for any position so what do you mean when you say "we don't want her".

I later heard the following conversation coming from inside my head "We can not locate slaves and assign duties to them by using a methodology called Assignation Code Medium any longer because this method is coming back to haunt us. The unwilling and non-consensual client repeats back what we say when we are speaking via the online medium and she lets the assembled gathering know that our voices are coming from inside her head because of embedded technology inside her head. These voices had previously said that they were working for and on behalf of the Radisson Group.

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Neuro weapons experts are now reproducing their own voices inside the heads of a selection of extremely unwilling people throughout the world with the aid of classified energy weapons. Some people have had two way voice technology imbedded in their ear canals, but even without the aid of this imbedded technology the voices of the neuro operatives can nevertheless be reproduced inside the head of an unwilling human being if that human being has an accumulation of technological dust particles inside their head via inhalation or ingesting throughout the food, water or air supply.

The practice of forcing unwilling people to hear the voices of criminals who work within the intelligence services or who are loosely affiliated with the intelligence services has now become widespread. The police and psychiatrists are refusing to confront this situation either through fear or because they have been already compromised by this technology or because they are under electronic mind control from the use of smart engineered technology in their environment. Targeted individuals of this practice of being forced to hear inner voices which is known as voice to skull direct communication or microwave hearing or synthetic telepathy for the most part no longer inform the police or psychiatrists of their predicament because they do not wish to be erroneously incarcerated in a psychiatric hospital. Many targeted individuals have purchased radio frequency tracers only to find that strong radio frequencies sometimes come out out of their ears or from the back or top of their heads. 

A criminal syndicate of neuro operatives have been reproducing their voices inside my head wholly against my will and without my permission for nearly sixteen years. They frequently threaten to torture me at some time in the future. They have graphically threatened to kill me using a variety of gruesome methods. They insult me regularly. Because of the accumulation of technological dust particles inside my body and brain, these members of the criminal syndicate can now move my facial muscles against my will and can also force my head to nod and shake against my will. My whole body has started to come alive against my will.

Targeted individuals and indeed any member of the public who has an accumulation of technological neuro dust dispersed throughout their body and brain can now be made to have a virtual reality experience without the need to wear a virtual reality headset. The virtual reality experience could be made to involve all five of their senses and it could be positive or negative. False cover stories such as the demonic possession hoax, the near death experience hoax, the extra-terrestrial hoax, the religious apparition hoax, the existence of satellites hoax, and many other hoaxes have been invented to cover up these classified scientific capabilities. Stationary drones have been mistaken for satellites by the scientific community.

One of the voices which I hear coming from inside my head has informed me today that they hope to be able to gain total control of my brain and body in as little as six months time. If that situation comes about I would then be a remote controlled neuro slave. I would not be able to over-ride the wireless digital signals which they can both send and receive to and from the accumulations of technological neuro dust inside my body.

I am not the only one in this predicament. In fact there are so many other targeted individuals who are claiming to experience forced muscle movement and internal voices that if we all eventually become human robots the fabric of society will collapse in due course.

We have no choice to be disassemble and ban all microwave transmitters and all related paraphernalia immediately. However, the general public appear to be under electronic mind control which is non-detectable and impossible to override. They appear to have been electronically mind controlled to believe that anybody who hears the voices of other human beings coming from inside their heads is mentally ill, which is not the case. If we organised to have the microwave transmitters and related paraphernalia disassembled and outright banned electronic mind control would also be a thing of the past. Microwave transmitters can also be used and is being used to burn down houses be remote wireless means. Hence, another reason to urgently ban all microwave transmitters now. These are silent weapons and this is a secret war. Time is short. The worldwide economy may soon shut down because of the secret use of these wireless weapons in high places.

We can not afford to be naïve in a twenty first century of advanced technology where almost anything is possible. We have gone too far. Cadavers can now be made to get up and dance because of inner neuro dust combined with strategically placed implants. Real life human beings such as you and I can also be bio-robotized if given enough time to complete the process. There is no future for the children of his generation or for a million generations of children to come while the microwave transmitters remain standing.

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This invention we give away for free to someone who wants to build a AI assistant startup:

(Read the warning in the end of this post)

It should work to build a interface for telepathy/ silent communication with a AI assistant in a smartphone with a neurophone sensor:

My suggestion is to use the sensor for Touch ID for communication with the AI. When you touch the sensor you hear the assistant through your skin:

And a interface based on this information for speaking with the assistant: The Audeo is a sensor/device which detects activity in the larynx (aka. voice box) through EEG (Electroencephalography). The Audeo is unique in it's use of EEG in that it is detecting & analyzing signals outside the brain on their path to the larynx.1 The neurological signals/data are then encrypted and then transmitted to a computer to be processed using their software (which can be seen being used in Kimberly Beals' video).2 Once it is analyzed and processed the data can then be represented using a computer speech generator.


The Audeo is a great sensor/device to detect imagined speech. It has an infinite amount of uses, especially in our areas of study. Here are some videos that show what the Audeo can be used for:…/79/audeo-ambient-using-voice-input In a $6.3 million Army initiative to invent devices for telepathic communication, Gerwin Schalk, underwritten in a $2.2 million grant, found that it is possible to use ECoG signals to discriminate the vowels and consonants embedded in spoken and in imagined words.…/2008-08-scientists-synthetic-telepathy.…

The results shed light on the distinct mechanisms associated with production of vowels and consonants, and could provide the basis for brain-based communication using imagined speech.… Research into synthetic telepathy using subvocalization is taking place at the University of California, Irvine under lead scientist Mike D'Zmura. The first such communication took place in the 1960s using EEG to create Morse code using brain alpha waves.

Why do Magnus Olsson and Leo Angelsleva

give you this opportunity for free?

Because Facebook can use you and your data in research for free and I think someone else than Mark Zuckerberg should get this opportunity:

Neurotechnology, Elon Musk and the goal of human enhancement

Brain-computer interfaces could change the way people think, soldiers fight and Alzheimer’s is treated. But are we in control of the ethical ramifications?
Extending the human mind … Elon Musk.
Extending the human mind …

At the World Government Summit in Dubai in February, Tesla and SpaceX chief executive Elon Musk said that people would need to become cyborgs to be relevant in an artificial intelligence age. He said that a “merger of biological intelligence and machine intelligence” would be necessary to ensure we stay economically valuable.

Soon afterwards, the serial entrepreneur created Neuralink, with the intention of connecting computers directly to human brains. He wants to do this using “neural lace” technology – implanting tiny electrodes into the brain for direct computing capabilities.

Brain-computer interfaces (BCI) aren’t a new idea. Various forms of BCI are already available, from ones that sit on top of your head and measure brain signals to devices that are implanted into your brain tissue.

They are mainly one-directional, with the most common uses enabling motor control and communication tools for people with brain injuries. In March, a man who was paralysed from below the neck moved his hand using the power of concentration.

Cognitive enhancement

A researcher uses a brain-computer interface helmet at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Grenoble.
A researcher uses a brain-computer interface helmet at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Grenoble. Photograph: Jean-Pierre Clatot/AFP/Getty Images

But Musk’s plans go beyond this: he wants to use BCIs in a bi-directional capacity, so that plugging in could make us smarter, improve our memory, help with decision-making and eventually provide an extension of the human mind.

“Musk’s goals of cognitive enhancement relate to healthy or able-bodied subjects, because he is afraid of AI and that computers will ultimately become more intelligent than the humans who made the computers,” explains BCI expert Professor Pedram Mohseni of Case Western Reserve University, Ohio, who sold the rights to the name Neuralink to Musk.

He wants to directly tap into the brain, effectively bypassing mechanisms such as speaking or texting. Musk has the credibility to talk about these things

Pedram Mohseni

“He wants to directly tap into the brain to read out thoughts, effectively bypassing low-bandwidth mechanisms such as speaking or texting to convey the thoughts. This is pie-in-the-sky stuff, but Musk has the credibility to talk about these things,” he adds.

Musk is not alone in believing that “neurotechnology” could be the next big thing. Silicon Valley is abuzz with similar projects. Bryan Johnson, for example, has also been testing “neural lace”. He founded Kernel, a startup to enhance human intelligence by developing brain implants linking people’s thoughts to computers.

In 2015, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that people will one day be able to share “full sensory and emotional experiences” online – not just photos and videos. Facebook has been hiring neuroscientists for an undisclosed project at its secretive hardware division, Building 8.

However, it is unlikely this technology will be available anytime soon, and some of the more ambitious projects may be unrealistic, according to Mohseni.


A brain scan of a patient with Alzheimer’s.
A brain scan of a patient with Alzheimer’s. Photograph: BSIP/UIG via Getty Images

“In my opinion, we are at least 10 to 15 years away from the cognitive enhancement goals in healthy, able-bodied subjects. It certainly appears to be, from the more immediate goals of Neuralink, that the neurotechnology focus will continue to be on patients with various neurological injuries or diseases,” he says.

Mohseni says one of the best current examples of cognitive enhancement is the work of Professor Ted Berger, of the University of Southern California, who has been working on a memory prosthesis to replace the damaged parts of the hippocampus in patients who have lost their memory due to, for example, Alzheimer’s disease.

“In this case, a computer is to be implanted in the brain that acts similaly to the biological hippocampus from an input and output perspective,” he says. “Berger has results from both rodents and non-human primate models, as well as preliminary results in several human subjects.”

Mohseni adds: “The [US government’s] Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) currently has a programme that aims to do cognitive enhancement in their soldiers – ie enhance learning of a wide range of cognitive skills, through various mechanisms of peripheral nerve stimulation that facilitate and encourage neural plasticity in the brain. This would be another example of cognitive enhancement in able-bodied subjects, but it is quite pie-in-the-sky, which is exactly how DARPA operates.”

Understanding the brain

Heading for cognitive enhancement? … US soldiers in Bagram, Afghanistan.
Heading for cognitive enhancement? … US soldiers in Bagram, Afghanistan. Photograph: Aaron Favila/AP

In the UK, research is ongoing. Davide Valeriani, senior research officer at University of Essex’s BCI-NE Lab, is using an electroencephalogram (EEG)-based BCI to tap into the unconscious minds of people as they make decisions.

BCIs could be a fundamental tool for going beyond human limits, hence improving everyone’s life

Davide Valeriani

“Everyone who makes decisions wears the EEG cap, which is part of a BCI, a tool to help measure EEG activity ... it measures electrical activity to gather patterns associated with confident or non-confident decisions,” says Valeriani. “We train the BCI – the computer basically – by asking people to make decisions without knowing the answer and then tell the machine, ‘Look, in this case we know the decision made by the user is correct, so associate those patterns to confident decisions’ – as we know that confidence is related to probability of being correct. So during training the machine knows which answers were correct and which one were not. The user doesn’t know all the time.”

Valeriani adds: “I hope more resources will be put into supporting this very promising area of research. BCIs are not only an invaluable tool for people with disabilities, but they could be a fundamental tool for going beyond human limits, hence improving everyone’s life.”

He notes, however, that one of the biggest challenges with this technology is that first we need to better understand how the human brain works before deciding where and how to apply BCI. “This is why many agencies have been investing in basic neuroscience research – for example, the Brain initiative in the US and the Human Brain Project in the EU.”

Whenever there is talk of enhancing humans, moral questions remain – particularly around where the human ends and the machine begins. “In my opinion, one way to overcome these ethical concerns is to let humans decide whether they want to use a BCI to augment their capabilities,” Valeriani says.

“Neuroethicists are working to give advice to policymakers about what should be regulated. I am quite confident that, in the future, we will be more open to the possibility of using BCIs if such systems provide a clear and tangible advantage to our lives.”

Facebook is building brain-computer interfaces

Facebook is improving the 360 video experience by predicting where you will look

[facebook url="" /]

The plan is to eventually build non-implanted devices that can ship at scale. And to tamp down on the inevitable fear this research will inspire, Facebook tells me “This isn’t about decoding random thoughts. This is about decoding the words you’ve already decided to share by sending them to the speech center of your brain.” Facebook likened it to how you take lots of photos but only share some of them. Even with its device, Facebook says you’ll be able to think freely but only turn some thoughts into text.


Meanwhile, Building 8 is working on a way for humans to hear through their skin. It’s been building prototypes of hardware and software that let your skin mimic the cochlea in your ear that translates sound into specific frequencies for your brain. This technology could let deaf people essentially “hear” by bypassing their ears.

A team of Facebook engineers was shown experimenting with hearing through skin using a system of actuators tuned to 16 frequency bands. A test subject was able to develop a vocabulary of nine words they could hear through their skin.

To underscore the gravity of Building 8s mind-reading technology, Dugan started her talk by saying she’s never seen something as powerful as the smartphone “that didn’t have unintended consequences.” She mentioned that we’d all be better off if we looked up from our phones every so often. But at the same time, she believes technology can foster empathy, education and global community.

Building 8’s Big Reveal

Facebook hired Dugan last year to lead its secretive new Building 8 research lab. She had previously run Google’s Advanced Technology And Products division, and was formerly a head of DARPA.

Facebook built a special Area 404 wing of its Menlo Park headquarters with tons of mechanical engineering equipment to help Dugan’s team quickly prototype new hardware. In December, it signed rapid collaboration deals with Stanford, Harvard, MIT and more to get academia’s assistance.

Yet until now, nobody really knew what Building 8 was…building. Business Insider had reported on Building 8’s job listings and that it might show off news at F8.

According to these job listings, Facebook is looking for a Brain-Computer Interface Engineer “who will be responsible for working on a 2-year B8 project focused on developing advanced BCI technologies.” Responsibilities include “Application of machine learning methods, including encoding and decoding models, to neuroimaging and electrophysiological data.” It’s also looking for a Neural Imaging Engineer who will be “focused on developing novel non-invasive neuroimaging technologies” who will “Design and evaluate novel neural imaging methods based on optical, RF, ultrasound, or other entirely non-invasive approaches.”

Elon Musk has been developing his own startup called Neuralink for creating brain interfaces.

Facebook Building 8 R&D division head Regina Dugan

Facebook has built hardware before to mixed success. It made an Android phone with HTC called the First to host its Facebook Home operating system. That flopped. Since then, Facebook proper has turned its attention away from consumer gadgetry and toward connectivity. It’s built the Terragraph Wi-Fi nodes, Project ARIES antenna, Aquila solar-powered drone and its own connectivity-beaming satellite from its internet access initiative — though that blew up on the launch pad when the SpaceX vehicle carrying it exploded.

Facebook has built and open sourced its Surround 360 camera. As for back-end infrastructure, it’s developed an open-rack network switch called Wedge, the Open Vault for storage, plus sensors for the Telecom Infra Project’s OpenCellular platform. And finally, through its acquisition of Oculus, Facebook has built wired and mobile virtual reality headsets.

Facebook’s Area 404 hardware lab contains tons of mechanical engineering and prototyping equipment

But as Facebook grows, it has the resources and talent to try new approaches in hardware. With over 1.8 billion users connected to just its main Facebook app, the company has a massive funnel of potential guinea pigs for its experiments.

Today’s announcements are naturally unsettling. Hearing about a tiny startup developing these advanced technologies might have conjured images of governments or coporate conglomerates one day reading our mind to detect thought crime, like in 1984. Facebook’s scale makes that future feel more plausible, no matter how much Zuckerberg and Dugan try to position the company as benevolent and compassionate. The more Facebook can do to institute safe-guards, independent monitoring, and transparency around how brain-interface technology is built and tested, the more receptive it might find the public.

A week ago Facebook was being criticized as nothing but a Snapchat copycat that had stopped innovating. Today’s demos seemed design to dismantle that argument and keep top engineering talent knocking on its door.

“Do you want to work for the company who pioneered putting augmented reality dog ears on teens, or the one that pioneered typing with telepathy?” You don’t have to say anything. For Facebook, thinking might be enough.


There is no established legal protection for the human subject when researchers use Brain Machine Interface (cybernetic technology) to reverse engineer the human brain.

The progressing neuroscience using brain-machine-interface will enable those in power to push the human mind wide open for inspection.

There is call for alarm. What kind of privacy safeguard is needed, computers can read your thoughts!

In recent decades areas of research involving nanotechnology, information technology, biotechnology and neuroscience have emerged, resulting in, products and services.

We are facing an era of synthetic telepathy, with brain-computer-interface and communication technology based on thoughts, not speech.

An appropriate albeit alarming question is: “Do you accept being enmeshed in a computer network and turned into a multimedia module”? authorities will be able to collect information directly from your brain, without your consent.

This kind of research in bioelectronics has been progressing for half a century.

Brain Machine Interface (Cybernetic technology) can be used to read our minds and to manipulate our sensory perception!

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To read the minds of an entire planet....

In order to read the minds of everyone on the entire planet so that its efficient and technologically pheasible, look at the things that are in the open and cant be hidden, but can be lied about.

Here's the lowdown as i presume it to be. It makes sense. 

Global Aerosols are being sprayed constantly (very heavily and regularly since about 2000) these are nano-metals, conductive especially when electrified via HAARP. This is not a microchip.The implantation is for tracking you specifically by drone or aircraft that stays in flight forever. They change them out ocassionally.

It is how to read everything. You blanket the environment with metal, charge it up, and then read it all day and night, to see how it changes. Specifically,  to see how our EM  

WAVES interfere with the electrified plasma. This can also be used to change dreams,  induce a spiritual state, etc. If you perturb the waves by injecting false ones via hardwre, then your reality is changed. We are all experiencing this altered reality now. Some with the voices added via different hardware. So..

this is a multi-faceted,  multiple technology, interconnected deceit...

The people have done gene therapy to themselves and are wicked to the core.

If you want to believe in aliens, im not denying this either, but let's start with what we can prove or disprove.

The debt the USA is in right now begins to make sense in a global way.

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by Linda XuWhen you imagine telepathy, your mind probably jumps immediately to science fiction: the Vulcans of Star Trek, Legilimency in Harry Potter, or the huge variety of superheroes and super-villains who possess powers of telekinesis or mind control. Twenty years ago, these concepts would have been mere fictional speculation, but today, in neuroscience labs around the world, new research is turning the startling possibility of brain-to-brain communication into reality.Imagine this: a man wearing a strange polka-dot cap sits in front of a computer screen, watching an animated rocket fly from a pirate ship toward a city. In the game, the only defense against the rocket is a cannon, which can be fired by pressing a key on a keyboard in an adjacent room. As the man watches the rocket make its first flight from the ship, he thinks about moving his finger, without actually moving anything at all.In the adjacent room, another capped man — his cap connected to the first man’s through wires, a computer, and the internet — sits with his hand relaxed over the keyboard, unable to see the first man and oblivious to the impending doom of his animated city. Suddenly, his brain receives a jolt of electrical stimulation, and his finger involuntarily jerks down on the key, bringing down the rocket. Together, these two men have successfully saved the city, and more importantly, they have achieved the once unthinkable task of direct brain-to-brain communication (1).If you haven’t been keeping up with the current neuro-technology scene, the above scenario may sound like nothing more than a tale of scientific fancy. However, incredibly enough, this exact experiment was completed just a few months ago at the University of Washington and is only the latest in a long string of milestones toward “synthetic telepathy.” In this article, we will touch upon each of these milestones, and most notably on the development of the brain computer interface, a key stepping stone in the path to the brain-to-brain interface. After a brief discussion of the research itself, we will then take a look at the ethics of the technology and what these advancements really mean for the rest of us.From Synapses to SensationIn order to fully appreciate brain interface technology, one must go back to the basics of neuroscience. The nervous system (consisting of the spinal cord and the brain) is made up of cells called neurons, which have the unique characteristic of being able to communicate with each other using electrical signals, through connections called neural synapses (2). Using this communication system, one neuron can send an electrical “message” to another neuron or even to an entire network of neurons, allowing for an immense number of possible firing patterns. This complexity is the primary reason why, to this day, the exact mechanisms by which neural firing patterns create phenomena like memory, consciousness, sensory experience, and motor action remain largely unknown.Despite this obstacle, scientists have discovered ways to manipulate the brain without completely understanding the mechanisms behind its activity. Twentieth-century neurosurgeon Wilder Penfield was at the forefront of this advancement, earning the title as the “greatest living Canadian” for his famous neural stimulation experiments (3). During his surgeries, Penfield probed the brains of his numbed but conscious patients and observed what effect probing a certain area of the brain had on the patient. Remarkably, Penfield found that stimulation of specific areas of the brain correlated with very specific functions and areas of the body; for instance, probing the temporal lobes would cause the patient to undergo a vivid memory recall, while probing another area of the brain might cause the feeling of being rubbed on the stomach or pinched on the left foot (3).This rudimentary “brain-poking” experiment was what eventually led scientists to the theory that thought and behavior could be predicted by measuring patterns of activity in the brain. In other words, Penfield’s observations implied that someone could get an idea of what you were doing or thinking simply by taking relatively basic measurements of the changes in your brain activity. From this theory, the path was paved for the development of the first brain computer interface, a device that could connect a brain to a computer that would record and interpret its activity. Three basic steps would be required to achieve this landmark development: reliable detection of the electrical activity of the brain, accurate interpretation of the meaning of this activity, and prompt transformation of this interpreted activity into useful action.The Dawn of the Brain Computer InterfaceA solution to the first step in creating the first brain computer interface (reliable detection of the electrical activity of the brain) was already on its way by 1929, when German neurologist Hans Berger recorded the first human electroencephalogram (EEG) (4). By placing external electrodes on the scalp of a 17-year-old surgical patient, Berger was able to measure the electrical potential across the electrodes and thus detect the changing electrical activity of the neurons in the patient’s brain. To this day, the EEG remains one of the most common methods of recording activity in the brain, favored over the MRI and PET scan for its cheap and relatively simple procedure. The next step, then, was to translate this recorded brain activity into meaningful information.This step was taken in the 1970s by researchers at UCLA, funded by none other than the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), the leading national organization in military defense research. In a project rightfully named the Brain-Computer Interface project, researchers strove to develop the first interface between a brain and a computer that would not only detect brain activity but interpret it and use it for communicative or medical purposes (5). In a resulting publication from this project, researcher Jacques Vidal laid out the basics for BCI research, exploring the potential methods, limitations, and possibilities for the development of a EEG-based BCI, a device that he believed was still in the far future (5).While laying the foundations for BCI research, Vidal could not have predicted the rapid string of breakthroughs that would follow in the next decades. Already by the late 1960s and 1970s, researchers like Eberhard Fetz were able to demonstrate that brain activity could actually be controlled to a significant extent, as demonstrated by the successful training of a monkey to deliberately increase the rate of its neural firing in specific neurons (6). In the 1980s, correlations between brain activity and motor response were specified in great detail, allowing scientists to pinpoint the exact neurons and firing patterns behind specific movements (7). In 1999, Miguel Nicolelis, who would go on to create the first animal brain-to-brain interface just fourteen years later, trained rats to control a robotic limb using only their brains (8).By the 21st century, the media had caught up to the breakneck speed of BCI research, with the popularization of fMRI image reconstruction, touted by reporters to give scientists the ability to “pee[r] into another man’s mind” (9). In these studies, subjects viewed specific images — anything from a simple black plus sign to a fully colored landscape — and their concomitant brain activity was recorded by an fMRI machine. Based solely on this recorded brain activity, scientists were able to use computer algorithms to “reconstruct” the image viewed by the subject with startling accuracy (10). Dubbed as “mind-reading” and as a possible avenue for an accurate lie detector, fMRI image reconstruction brought the incredible possibilities of BCI research into the public eye.The Brain-to-Brain Interface: From Reading Minds to Controlling MindsHowever, where things start to get truly exciting — and truly controversial — is not in brain-computer interface research, but in the pioneering field of brain-to-brain interface (BBI) research. While BCI connects a brain to a computer that then interprets brain activity, BBI connects a brain to another brain, which can then receive information from the first brain or even be induced to perform specific behaviors, as in the example of the telepathic cannon game. Arguably, BBI is not significantly different than BCI; a brain can simply be seen as a more sophisticated, organic computer, and the BBI as just the next logical extension of the BCI. Nevertheless, there is an undeniable sense of intrigue that comes with the idea of connecting living brains.It is difficult to overstate the sheer magnitude of possibilities in this new field of research, but it is also important to not stray too far from the raw experimental findings. Research in this area began most notably in the aforementioned Nicolelis Lab at Duke University, in a study on rat brain-to-brain interface. In the 2013 study, “A Brain-to-Brain Interface for Real-Time Sharing of Sensorimotor Information,” two rats were placed in separate cages and each given a choice of two levers — one that resulted in a reward of water and one that did not. A rat dubbed the “encoder” rat was shown a flash of light above the correct lever and was trained to learn this association. The “decoder” rat, on the other hand, was given no visual cues, but its brain received the stimulation from the cortical area of the “encoder” rat through the BBI. In a breakthrough finding, Nicolelis discovered that the “decoder” rat was able to make the correct choice of lever with over 70% accuracy, with no cues or information except for the learned knowledge “sent” by the neural activity of the “encoder” rat’s brain (11).Within the year, researchers at Harvard Medical School were able to connect a human brain and a rat brain through BBI and move a rat’s tail with 94% accuracy, using only the deliberate neural activity of the human’s brain (12). Four months later, the experiment described in the introduction was completed at the University of Washington, demonstrating the first successful use of a human brain-to-brain interface (1).Hopes and considerations for the futureWe are only in the infancy of BCI and BBI research, and as the technology continues to take leaps and bounds into the future, more and more areas of our lives will feel the impact of these advances. In particular, prosthetic limbs, prosthetic vision devices, prosthetic hearing devices, and communication devices for paralytics are all currently being implemented as prototypes, such as the robotic arm created at Brown University in 2012, which allowed a woman who had been paralyzed for nearly 15 years to use a robotic arm to drink a bottle of coffee (13). Outside of the medical field, research in military communication technology has continued to progress, as demonstrated in the research of Gerwin Schalk, who recently published a study on the successful identification of spoken and imagined words using EEG (14).Although advances in games and entertainment may seem trivial compared to the more “practical” developments of medicine and technology, the impact of brain interface technology in everyday life is certainly worth pondering as well. Imagine, for instance, being able to play virtual video games in which you control your character simply by thinking an action or imagining a scenario. Companies like NeuroSky, Mindflex, and Necomimi are already putting out BCI products for the public, including a game that uses “brain force” to navigate a ball through a maze and a pair of costume cat ears that wiggle, perk up, or lay flat depending on your neural activity. As research continues, devices such as these are sure to be welcomed into the entertainment world and could even be used for educational or therapeutic purposes, for adults and children alike.Undoubtedly, brain interface technology has both the power and the potential to do incredible good. With this in mind, it is crucial to also recognize the possibility for ethical wrongdoing. Concerns with privacy, autonomy, enhancement, and consequent aggravation of social stratification are only a handful of the ethical issues on the horizon, and these concerns are only intensified by the fear of media exaggeration and inaccuracy. Furthermore, philosophical questions of human existence will become increasingly important as research progresses. What does it mean for brains to be “connected?” What kind of information can be taken and shared between living brains? What distinguishes a human from a machine, and what — if anything — distinguishes a brain from a computer? These questions may have been impossible to answer in the past, but with the advancement of brain-to-brain interface technology, we may reach satisfying answers at last.In the end, the future of a world with brain interface technology relies on the preparation and research done today. Consideration of the ethical issues to come, as well as thorough discussion of the boundaries that must be set, will help to ensure that ethical lines are not crossed in our enthusiasm to push the limits of technology. From medicine and military technology to games and recreation, brain interfacing truly has the potential to change the world. By maintaining a judicious balance between scientific progress and ethical caution, we can ensure that these changes are for the better.Linda Xu is a sophomore in Eliot concentrating in Neurobiology.ReferencesR. P. N. Rao and A. Stocco. (2013). Direct brain-to-brain communication in humans: a pilot study. [Online]. Available: [2014, Feb. 24].M. F. Bear et al., Ed., Neuroscience (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Philadelphia, ed. 2, 2007).Wilder Penfield. PBS. [Online]. Available: bhpenf.html. [2014, Feb. 24].L. Haas, Hans Berger (1873–1941), Richard Caton (1842–1926), and electroencephalography. J Neurol. Neurosurg. Psychiatry 74, 9 (2003).J. J. Vidal, Toward direct brain-computer communication. Annu. Rev. Biophys. Bioeng. 2, 157-180 (1973).A. P. Georgopoulous, J. T. Lurito, M. Petrides, A. B. Schwartz, J. T. Massey. Mental rotation of the neuronal population vector. Science 243, 234-236 (1989).E. E. Fetz. Operant conditioning of cortical unit activity. Science 163, 955-958 (1969).J. K. Chapin, K. A. Moxon, R. S. Markowitz, M. A. L. Nicolelis. Nature Neuroscience 2, 664-670 (1999).J. Wise. Thought Police: How Brain Scans Could Invade Your Private Life. Popular Mechanics. [Online]. Available: [2014, Feb. 25].F. Tong and M. S. Pratte. Decoding patterns of human brain activity. Annual Review of Psychology 63, 483-509 (2012).M. Pais-Vieira, M. Lebedev, C. Kunicki, J. Wang, M. A. L. Nicolelis. A brain-to-brain interface for real-time sharing of sensorimotor information. Scientific Reports 3, 1-10 (2013).S. Yoo, H. Kim, E. Filandrianos, S.J . Taghados, S. Park. Non-invasive brain-to-brain interface (BBI): establishing functional links between two brains. PLoS ONE 8, e60410 (2013).L. R. Hochberg, D. Bacher, B. Jarosiewicz, N. Y. Masse, J. D. Simeral et al. Reach and grasp by people with tetraplegia using a neurally controlled robotic arm. Nature 485, 372-375 (2012).X. Pie, D. L. Barbour, E. C. Leuthardt, G. Schalk. Decoding vowels and consonants in spoken and imagined words using electrocorticographic signals in humans. J. Neural Eng. 8, e046028 (2011).
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FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER VOICETOSKULL@VOICE2SKULL OR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT VOICE TO SKULL UNITED KINGDOM.Below is the correct software,technologies and most importantlly the correct frequencys.This is how v2k(voice to skull)radio broadcasters from around the world target innocent civillians who are allready dealing with mental illness especially mental illness sufferers who deal with voices.
1)download winamp media player
2)download shoutcast dsp
3)add frequencys 162.50mhz to winamp library(there should be 162)
4)connect shoutcast dsp to winamp and play library
5)sync winamp to smart phone 1
6)name smart phone 1 bluetooth device 00000111111111111111111111
7)download transparent windows from google play to smart phone 1
8)download best static professional from google play to smart phone 1
9)have frequency 87.75mhz playing on smartphone 1 internal radio
10)connect audio spotlight processor to smart phone 1 via jacklead
11)mirror all above onto PC using appropriate programs available
12)connect PC to TV via hdmi or any other connector
13)place audio spotlight speaker projections at your left ear
14)place TV visual/audio media to your right
15)set smart phone 2 internal radio to 107.75mhz
16)name smart phone 2 bluetooth device 1111111111111111111100000
17)pair smart phone 1 with smart phone 2 using bluetooth
18)pair smart phone 1 and smart phone 2 with PC
1)Winamp is a media player for WindowsAndroid, and OS X developed by Justin Frankel and Dmitry Boldyrev[5][6][7] by their company Nullsoft, which they later sold to AOL. Since version 2 it has been sold asfreemium and supports extensibility with plug-ins and skins, and features music visualizationplaylist and a media library, supported by a large online community.
2)SHOUTcast is cross-platform proprietary software for streaming media over the Internet. The software, developed by Nullsoft, allows digital audio content, primarily in MP3 or HE-AAC format, to be broadcast to and frommedia player software, enabling the creation of Internet radio "stations". SHOUTcast Radio is a related website which provides a directory of SHOUTcast stations.DSP is a plugin feature that enables you to broadcast your content on winamp through your own personal internet radio station
3)A weather radio service is a broadcast service that airs weather reports. When the radio is on and tuned to the weather band, it airs both normal and emergency weather information. If the radio is off or tuned to another band, it automatically turns on and goes to the weather band for emergency weather information.
Weather radio services may also broadcast non-weather related emergency information, such as in the event of a natural disaster, an AMBER alert or a terrorist attack. They generally broadcast in a preallocated very high frequency (VHF) range using FM. Usually a dedicated weather radio receiver or radio scanner is needed for listening, although in some locations a weather radio broadcast may be retransmitted on a conventional AM or FMfrequency (as well as HD Radio substations), some terrestrial television stations broadcasting in MTS stereo transmit weather radio on their second audio program (SAP) channel as well as on one of its digital subchannels(where news and weather are applicable), on local public, educational, and government access (PEG) cable TV channels or during Emergency Alert System activations for tornado warnings primarily on cable systems.Primarily voice automated these generate a constant vocal 24 hrs a day in a male and female voice
4)Connecting shoutcast dsp plugin to winamp media player.first you need to go to website and set up a free account.This will give you the correct broadcasting coordinates and ports for your shoutcast dsp plugin enabling you to broadcast your winamp media aswell as talk live.
5)syncing winamp/shoutcast to smartphone 1.This uses ghz if synced over your wifi so the sync frequencys will be mirrored back to the PC then through to the TV
6)Naming smartphone 1 bluetooth device.As bluetooth uses free to air digital binary the a.m frequencys of the two smart phones and PC projecting through the TV generate a 1khz fixed frequency from infrared devices by using 5 seprate digital devices(smart phones paired via bluetooth to PC and TV infrared device combined)making the infrared device(remote control) a digital constant free to air device that generates 1khz constantly using the televisions R(red hue)from RGB as a visual subcarrier, tavelling at 1080hz from left to right it reaches 1000hz which is 1khz transforming a digital free to air frequency into a visual stationary transparent RED hue that bleeds through the scroll of R to create a red to pink to white transparent audio/visual noise through the televisions chosen visual/ audio(which is all media, all devices converted ultrasonically by audio spotlight)The smartphone name generates a binary search which is projected through the TV and audio spotlight speaker.
7)download transparent windows from google play apps for smart phone 1.
This enables the broadcaster to mirror the visual static from the smart phone to the PC to the TV
8)download best static proffesional from google play apps.
once the static has been downloaded send the information from smart phone 1 to PC to V, the visuals travel on the radio static from the smartphones which are converted ultrasonicaly.preferred colour of visual static is RED and BLACK.The red static is attracted to the 1khz which is emitted through our homes by way of loudspeaker pulsars,these speakers can emitt the 1khz containing the visual static even when they are on stand by.The static becomes invisible as it is converted into sound that travels on the invisible static emitted ultrasonicaly through out our homes.
9)Frequency 87.75mhz playing on smart phone 1 internal radio.
Most mobile internal radios start at 87.50mhz to 88.00mhz,the reason the radio is set to 87.75mhz is to a)produce a static sound that will also transmitt the visual static from best static professional once it has been converted by audio spotlight. b)to replicate the number of single 1 khz frequencys the audio spotlight uses to create its directional audio.c)to represent 25 letters of the alphabet carrying over the 26th to 88.01mhz resulting in a continuous echo of the broadcast including vocals all the way to 107.75mhz(which plays on smartphone 2 internal radio)remember a mobile phones internal radio is always recieving a signal even when your not using it and all smart phones recieve an 800mhz signal or 1200mhz to use internet.
10)connect audio spotlight to smart phone 1 via jackleads.
The audio spotlight processor converts all frequencys from the smartphone to the PC to the TV to the audio spotlight speaker this includes everything connected to the PC and TV including all 3 mobile phone devices,all internal radio frequencys including bluetooth,cb,free to air,A.M F.M,3G 4G digital,mhz,hz,ghz,khz(these include the 80 channels cb radio uses,800mhz mobile internet,1.8ghz,1080hz 88.00mhz internal radio,108.00mhz mobile internal radio)and all these frequencys including visual static and translucancy apps are converted by the audio spotlight processor and sent back through the smartphone through the PC and through the television and its loudspeakers and through the audio spotlight speaker which will be placed near there second smart phone as this will be playing 107.75mhz and contain all the random visual static and sound from all mobile devices from everywhere sending the information back to all recievers starting at 87.75mhz which repeats the cycle,all are converted into ultrasonic low a.m  1khz frequencys and there broadcast relies on this for it to transmitt automatically on the converted visual RED and BLACK static that is desguised within the BLACK static surrounding it which is infact BLACK NOISE which is silent in nature.Remember all frequencys known to man are converted into ultrasonics and broadcast between smart phone 1 which is set to 87.75mhz and smart phone 2 which is set to 107.75mhz which repeats the cycle all around the world.
11)mirror all above onto pc
already exsplained above but just for a recap convert all audio/visual from smartphone 1 and all other connected devices including infrared frequency range connect with PC which in turn is connected to TV then all is converted into ultrasonics by audio spotlight processor.
12)connect pc to tv using hdmi lead
they use various connection leads to connect to the TV but hdmi is the best quality.or if you have a PC with a coaxil and TV tuner you can do all of above on your PC without the use of a seprate television.
13)place audio spotlight speaker projections to your left ear.
it is believed that you can hear better with your left ear as it processes information from the right side of your brain
14)place visual media to your right.
explained above.
15)set smart phone 2 internal radio to 107.75mhz
The reason the broadcasters set it to this frequency is because all the information they collect from around the world automatically collects mobile frequency data from 87.75mhz,the static collected echos the remaining 0.1mhz(bringing the frequency past 88.00mhz) through all internal radio frequencys reaching there 2nd smart phone at 107.75mhz repeating the cycle,this totals from 0.25mhz remaining from smart phone 1 to carry 0.1mhz past 88.00mhz to the 0.25mhz remaining to carry it past the 107.75mhz .all mhz frequencys are converted into ultrasonic frequencys carried through all internal radios giving a combined end result frequency of 0.1mhz which emitts through there loudspeakers giving them synthetic telepathy audio which they can adjust by volume settings as oppose to us victims that hear in khz A.M frequency ranges resulting in hearing voices.
16)naming smart phone 2.
results in a bluetooth binary character search for binary digits.
17)pair smart phone 1 to smart phone 2.
18)connect both to pc using bluetooth
Please be carefull who you show this information to as in the wrong hands will only generate more and more v2k broadcasters.Because i have studied frequencys and if im honest it began with a stroke of luck,i can assure you the frequencys are correct because of the primary foundations of weather band radio which is broadcasted globally by free to air transmissions,also free to air frequencys are used for wi-fi bluetooth infrared and cb radio scanners ect so if controlled by a media player and personal broadcast these foundations can be manipulated.All telecommunication devices come with a manual and this explains the FCC15 rule which states a device must or must not accept any types of interference so basically each manufacturer is not denying you could at some stage no matter what the device is pick up interference.All you need to broadcast voice to skull is 2 smart phones audio spotlight and a pc but in order for it to work you need the correct frequencys and software.Voice to skull broadcasters hear in audio(mhz)as oppose to victims who hear in the low end khz range,this is possible as they collect all frequencys through 1 phone and broadcast it through another(using the PC,s bluetooth and placing the output audio which plays through the audio spotlight speaker near the second phone)this repeats the process all around the world collecting a range of 0 to 25 random khz(which travels on there visual static)per mobile device condensing it to reach there devices at 1 mhz which creates a cerebral hypnotic radio station.I will go into greater detail when i recieve a response from yourself.They believe that because victims hear voices and also have thought projection there is no way for them to get past it,past there own imaginations and only they can intervene because they hear in audio (1 mhz) which has been collected from all known devices in 1khz frequencys to form 1mhz audio.They condense all collected visual/audio static and frequencys and record on a 3D blue ray recorder and burn the information on a disc that automatically converts the incoming data into a bit rate,a bit in computer terms means YES/NO its a command ,so if they ask a personal question they will hear the answer as YES/NO then torture the victims with retorical questions .The v2k broadcasters recieve collective reactions to there imaginations,in audio which is for them a safe passageway of broadcasting because with audio you can turn it off and on,thats how i know they hear in 1mhz emissions.When they play a 3D recording back they use transparent light which they can adjust to there desired level .example if they play a sex film and burn a desired transparancy over it when they watch it in 3D they see there imagination cast over it ,this is because transparancy is black and white and so is your subconcious so when they put on the 3D glasses which are red and blue,what they see in red travels on the red and black visual static that has been collected and converted ultrasonically and gets projected from there mind to the inside of the grey outline of the actors,performers on screen and records on the R from the televisions RGB that scrolls from left to right and travels on white visual/noise.They also strongly believe they get cleverer because when they recieve all the data they collect all the binary and binary is what all computer software is based upon ,but what they are actualy doing is hearing each others ideas which are all the same but said in a diffrent tone of voice ,so what im saying is they hear a simplified version of what they already know.They talk to each other all the time and know no one will hear how its done because when you have thought projection like victims have you cant think of something you dont know its impossible unless your the first to figure the freqencys out and know its binary,they knew who ever did would be mentaly ill and be diagnosed with schzophrenia and eventually die or kill them selves ,or they would be the very first in the world to prove a flawless way of murder can be proved by also proving mental illness diagnosis all of them known to man can be transmitted ,broadcasted and recieved by a human subject.
please take this matter with upmost importance,there are certain illusionists who i shall not name who use the technology i have mentioned and it is very,very effective.I have as much information as you could possibly want reguarding this worrying situation .
I ask you,what story could be more bigger than a person diagnosed with schzophrenia proving all known mental illness diagnosis can be synthetically recieved by a cult of radio broadcasters who have been getting away with murder for more than a decade!That the hard facts!
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Use of psychics and remote viewing

When I was a student at Belfast Royal Academy in the 1960s there was a girl at the school with a birth defect. Her parents had worked at the embassy in Moscow. So experiments in microwave and other types of energy were known to be being carried out as long as 60 years ago. But also, at the same time, the Soviets were spending a fortune in para-normal research. A practice which the CIA soon copied in a race to produce the perfect mind-reading spy. I wonder at the concentration on DEW weapons and the possibility of the use of psychics being completely ignored. What we know about misinformation on the web is that the ideas which damage the cause of TIs most will be repeated ad nauseum and the ideas they don't want acknowledged will be suppressed. Logically, going on the track record of the spy agencies, they rarely abandon any line of research which might be of advantage. After all the taxpayers purse is bottomless. As both the Soviets and the Americans were studying microwave type weapons and para normal abilities at the same time, the logical progression would be to marry the two. Enhancing the brain to bring about remote control has been demonstrated with paraplegics, suitably wired, operating computers with their thoughts.Apart from this history lesson, which you all knew anyway, what is my point? Just a thought really. Someone messing with your mind is horrendous. Everyone appears to assume it is solely technological and therefore unstoppable. But if psychics are being used PRAYER can be used to stop it. Prayer counters magic. If your prayers are not strong enough get on a prayer site such as Prayonit and ask for prayers to protect you from magic. Pray that those who use magic against you that their magic will be taken away permanently. This suggestion is experimental and could only work against telepathy and remote viewing. Sadly prayer won't counter a technological weapon. Feedback is welcome - if you think it works - or not. Best of luck.
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#1406 Surveillance Role Players Lockheed Martin Corporation - Fairfax, VA

Check this out: Surveillance Role Players
Lockheed Martin Corporation - Fairfax, VA

Req ID 268656BR Industry Job Title Surveillance Role Players Job Code/Title E4413:Training & Development Rep Sr Job Description Candidates will operate as Surveillance Role Players in support of field training exercises within the Washington Metropolitan area and surrounding areas. Role players should be trained and have various levels of expertise in surveillance tradecraft skills (Basic – advance) in order to meet this requirements. Qualified personnel should demonstrate an understanding of surveillance tradecraft, surveillance detection techniques and terminology. Role Players will conduct surveillance activities, evaluate students’ performance, provide feedback and participate in exercise debriefing. Candidates supporting role players responsible will be responsible for providing any support props and clothing articles. Basic Qualifications • Experience as role player supporting field exercises
•Map reading and navigational capability
•Availability to work flexible hours on a part-time basis
•Physically fit and capable of walking, standing for extended periods of time
•Valid US driver’s license
•Experience working in DoD special operations or Intelligence community training environment highly desired
•Active Top Secret clearance with SCI access
Equivalent experience/education combinations are permitted based on the Typical Minimums required for this job which are 5 years of related experience and a Bachelors degree in a related discipline. Security Clearance TS/SCI LMCareers Business Unit ESS8806 MISSILES AND FIRE CTRL (S0806) Business Area Missiles and Fire Control Program SRP Department R865:MFC-TS P5 Eng Svc - LMOS Job Class Intelligence Analysis Job Category Experienced Professional City Fairfax State Virginia Virtual No Relocation Available No Work Schedule PART-TIME-less than 40 hrs/wk; Req Type Part-Time Direct/Indirect Direct Shift First
Lockheed Martin Corporation - 30+ days ago
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brain implant

ICAACT Phase III Testing

ICAACT is an Independent evidence gathering Non Profit Human Rights Organization.

This report details the findings of the ICAACT phase III testing procedure. The ICAACT Phase III testing is about testing the human body for RF (Radio Frequency) emission, in a shielded environment. A Faraday cage was utilized to conduct the testing. The shielding spectrum of the environment was rated to be effective between 9KHz and 18GHz. The Faraday cage was certified in December of 2011 and was less than a year old when the tests were conducted. All tests were conducted inside the shielded environment also referred to as a Faraday cage.

magnus olsson

Magnus Olsson

Our intentions are to share our findings in hopes that it will lead to further investigations within the scientific, medical, and forensic communities around the world.

Video of the scanning of Mr. Magnus Olsson (Director of EUCACH) from Sweden.

Download the report in PDF format

Download the zip file containing documents referred to in the appendices

Context of the report

Human electronic implant technologies are not new, they have been in existence since the early 50's. The use of implant technology has in recent years also gained interest outside the medical and scientific community and has now become tools of interest in many newly emerging commercial fields. They can provide real-time data from real life scenarios, rather than from the restrictive and in many cases limiting artificial scenarios that can be recreated in laboratory and clinical settings. There is a boom in commercially driven neuroscience research like marketing and consumer behavior. The social sciences and especially the behavioral sciences are having a “Field day”. The ethical and legal implications that arise from these implant technologies, and their commercialization, are as yet unsolved, and need urgent attention. These implications pertain to tampering with the innermost sacred sanctum of a human being, the mind.

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Politically planned violations of human rights goes on in all EU-nations, directed to increase state power and reduce human influence. In Sweden, the FOI (Swedish Defense Research Institution) has for decades been developing remote control systems for our neurological functions, via bio-chips injected at health care. In FOI:s annual report, they describe the project as monitoring and changing the cognitive functions of people throughout their life span, i.e. thoughts, perception and common sense.


Sweden’s most dangerous criminal organization. The FOI ruins both democracy and human rights by connecting the human brain to supercomputers.

The EU-Commission’s Ethical Council chaired by the Swedish Professor Goran Hermerén, in 2005 delivered a 30-page document in protest to the EU-Commission. They declared that this technology was a threat to both democracy and human autonomy in all EU-nations:


Brain-computer interface, or direct brain control:the technologies involved are communication technologies: they take information from the brain and externalize it…Freedom of researchers may conflict with the obligation to safeguard the health of research subjects…the freedom to use implants in ones body, might collide with potential negative social effects…How far can such implants be a threat to human autonomy when they are implanted in our brains?…How far should we be subject to the control of such devices by other people using these devices?…The use of implants in order to have a remote control over the will of people should be strictly prohibited…To what extent will this technology be misused by the military?”

FOI  Director Jan-Olof Lind,cheif of the institution founded on the raping of humans. He should be held legally responsible for crimes against human rights.

This planned population project, does not only remove human rights, but transforms us via behavioral manipulation with invasive brain technology. FOI wrote in its program: We have unique tools and methodologies for the modeling of human behavior…The goal is to design systems able to exploit human cognitive potential (i.e. the ability to perceive, understand and organize information) throughout the course of a person’s life time…Regardless that the consequences of this for people are strong physical burden to bear, it includes as well a risk of serious injury”.

The systems function via two-way radio communication, implants and supercomputers. The EU-board wrote: How far should we let implants get ’under our skins’?…Indeed, individuals are dispossessed of their own bodies and thereby of their own autonomy. The body ends up being under others’ control. Individuals are being modified, via various electronic devices, under skin chips and smart tags, to such an extent that they are increasingly turned into networked individuals…Does a human being cease to be such a ’being’ in cases where some parts of his or her body – particularly the brain – are substituted and/or supplemented by implants?”

Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt has accepted the use of humans in experimental reserach and behavioral manipulation. He has also supported FOI´s declaration of abuse of humans in the name of science.

This is a cause of both madness, and anti-social trends in our societies. The brain project has been developed in secrecy for decades; the mentally ill have been put to sleep and implanted with electrodes in their brains and hospitals are injecting brain chips into unwitting patients on a large scale.


Another view of the military conquest of the brain. The Department of Defense has taken over the Karolinska Institute´s neuroscience, and FOI-managers direct the operations. A similar relationship exists for other parts of Karolinska  Institute, which is controll

The threat to human rights, freedom and a civilized society could not be more serious or totalitarian. It does not only place a person behind an iron curtain, but create a brain barrier for one’s own thoughts and personality. The project utilizes many forms of research; biological experiments, neuroscience, social engineering, personality modification etc. This is a techno-political agenda for the future that goes a step further than any traditional dictatorships ever has done. It intends to transform us into biological machinery and exploited guinea pigs. 40 years ago, the Swedish state report Choosing Future by Alva Myrdal quoted that people would have small chances of protecting their rights, regarding to the behavior technology. Said quote is from the official state report,SOU 1972:59:

Research into brain function and behavior is designed primarily to clarify the nature and extent of the changes that can be achieved with the different methods and thus provide information on new opportunities to alleviate human suffering, and new risks of control and modification of behavior against peoples will.”

Several leading professors have suggested that antisocial trends have been spread through these military brain systems. TheEU-Ethical Council asked what danger the military constituted. In fact, they are the central factor in the game of the human brain. Fredrik Reinfeldt had even before he became Prime Minister, made up his mind to stand for the FOI’s abuse. He did the same 2007, after forming the new government; he reaffirmed his opinion concerning this matter.


I, Eric R Naeslund has written this paper and formed the accuse. Also supported a network including journalists, organizations and brain activists in a joint project to bring the issue to media attention and everybody´s  knowledge.

For the last 40 years and without practically any media attention, there has been an ongoing debate within the state regarding the brain technology. A former Director General of Data Inspection, Stina Wahlstrom, took up the subject in relation to human rights in the annual book 1989-1990. She wrote:Obviously, research must include the same ethical values that are generally the basis of law in our society…It is necessary to limit the research and this restriction is needed in a democratic society… People’s integrity has been violated which often means, unwittingly or unwillingly being forced to participate in a research project. Legislation for such coercion does not belong in a democratic society.It was written 20 years ago, yet it has been developed as far that the 12 members of the European Ethical Council stated: “…when these implants are within our own brains.”This is a threat intended to include all of us in experimental research and behavioral manipulation.

A Prime Minister who accepts the secret brain project, has also launched a battle against people’s fundamental freedom and human rights. In Fredrik Reinfeldt’s state, it is important to repeat terms like ‘justice’ and ‘the open society’ as indoctrinated concepts, to hide the reality of building even higher walls of coercion and censorships, than any previous despot has done. Metaphorical impenetrable barbed wire fences that are – to replace freedom with control – being steadily created in more people’s brains, to replace freedom, with control. The State’s ravaging has FOI as its spearhead. Several times they declare, not only to accept destruction of humans, but also that certain research is actually based on causing harm, suffering and trauma in people. FOI’s takeover of key components of the Karolinska Institute has facilitated the professors and researchers’ projects. A neuro-professor stated in a speech, they couldn’t avoid creating diseases and death amongst those they misused. A scary reality that is not uncommon.

In order to describe the subject from an international perspective, New York Times have had the courage to challenge the U.S. government’s covert brain project. Accusing the Pentagon and the CIA of perpetrating the same systems of persecution as the Defence Departments within the EU, they published three political editorials, 50 articles and demanded better knowledge and a public debate. The first editorial was published in 1967 under the heading Push Button People. They warned of the possibility of enslaving the brain and wrote that it was likely; some nations had plans to suppress its citizens by brain technology. The second came in 1970 under the newly formed term Brain Wave. They indicated that we had to update the word ‘brain washing’ to ‘brain waving’, and assumed that Orwell’s 1984had expired and a new and worse danger was at hand. That every newborn child’s first experience of life would be neuro surgery, to be implanted with a transmitter and for their lifetime get emotions and reasons controlled by the state. The third editorial was published in August 1977 after that the New York Times during the summer published 30 revealing articles on the CIA’s brain projects. Under the heading Control CIA Not Behavior they stated that no one knows how many were injured or killed, and they demanded legal action against those involved and financial compensation for victims.

It’s a bigger nightmare here and now, since the experimental program has developed into a permanent state operation. Senator John Glenn spent his final three years in the Senate (1994-1997) trying to regulate the abuses. In his closing speech in January 1997 he called the question for one of the most important of our time. Here we stand at one of mankind’s crucial crossroads in relation to individual freedom – vs. unlimited state power to reduce man to Governmental components. Who wants to live his life with chips and manipulated perceptions? None of course! The EU Council wrote that they wanted to give people the power against the introduction of systems to reduce freedom and autonomy. This topic, more so than any other issue, is reshaping the future, the human brain and life. It must obviously come up for debate in both parliament and the media. We all have a responsibility to contribute; journalists, social activists and of course those parliamentary members whom are opposed to brain chips, behavior control, human experimentation and undemocratic ideas, must of course make themselves heard too.

or anyone who wants more information concerning the issue – there are an extensive information material both in English and Swedish – contact

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CNN: Your Behavior Will Be Controlled by a Brain Chip

“Smart phone will be implanted”

Paul Joseph Watson October 9, 2012

A new CNN article predicts that within 25 years people will have embedded microchips within their brain that will allow their behavior to be controlled by a third party.

The story, entitled Smartphone of the future will be in your brain, offers a semi-satirical look at transhumanism and the idea of humans becoming part cyborg by having communications devices implanted in their body.

Predicting first the widespread popularity of wearable smartphones, already in production by Google, the article goes on to forecast how humans will communicate by the end of the century.

“Technology takes a huge leap in 25 years. Microchip can be installed directly in the user’s brain. Apple, along with a handful of companies, makes these chips. Thoughts connect instantly when people dial to “call” each other. But there’s one downside: “Advertisements” can occasionally control the user’s behavior because of an impossible-to-resolve glitch. If a user encounters this glitch — a 1 in a billion probability — every piece of data that his brain delivers is uploaded to companies’ servers so that they may “serve customers better.”

The tone of the CNN piece is somewhat sophomoric, but the notion that humans will eventually merge with machines as the realization of the technological singularity arrives is one shared by virtually all top futurists.

Indeed, people like inventor and futurist Ray Kurzweil don’t think we’ll have to wait 25 years to see smartphones implanted in the brain. He sees this coming to pass within just 20 years.

In his 1999 book The Age of Spiritual Machines, Kurzweil successfully predicted the arrival of the iPad, Kindle, iTunes, You Tube and on demand services like Netflix.

By 2019, Kurzweil forecasts that wearable smartphones will be all the rage and that by 2029, computers and cellphones will now be implanted in people’s eyes and ears, creating a “human underclass” that is viewed as backwards and unproductive because it refuses to acquiesce to the singularity.

Although the CNN piece doesn’t even foresee implantable brain chips until the end of the century, Kurzweil’s predictions are far beyond this. According to him, by 2099, the entire planet is run by artificially intelligent computer systems which are smarter than the entire human race combined – similar to the Skynet system fictionalized in the Terminator franchise.

Humans who have resisted altering themselves by becoming part-cyborg will be ostracized from society.

“Even among those human intelligences still using carbon-based neurons, there is ubiquitous use of neural implant technology, which provides enormous augmentation of human perceptual and cognitive abilities. Humans who do not utilize such implants are unable to meaningfully participate in dialogues with those who do,” writes Kurzweil.

Kurzweil’s forecasts are echoed by Sun Microsystems’ Bill Joy, who in a 2000 Wired Magazine article entitled Why The Future Doesn’t Need Us, predicted that technological advancements in robotics would render most humans obsolete.

As a result the elite, “may simply decide to exterminate the mass of humanity,” wrote Joy.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show and Infowars Nightly News.

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